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Okay, so now that I just learned a little more about the differences between Ravens & Crows, I’m suppose to be able to distinguish between the several species of Giraffes? It seems according to this article over at Scientific American a couple of months ago, there are four different species.

The article is entitled “Giraffe Genetics Reveal Four Separate (and Threatened) Species by John R. Platt. Of course you can also learn more about Giraffes in general and their struggles today, by checking out this article entitled “To Save These Rare Giraffes, Uganda Built an Ark (of Sorts) over at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Finally, feel free to also check out an earlier blog post of mine entitled Tall, silent and misunderstood and don’t forget, there will be a test next week, so read all of the articles and study.

Good Luck!


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