Art in nature

When I first decided to go to college, my degree of choice was art. I always loved art class when I was in school and so it made sense. Of course, that lasted about one semester as I realized what I liked and what was considered art by my instructors was not the same.

Looking back however, commercial art isn’t art. So here I am some many years later as a librarian and I’ve think I finally come to understand my love of art. I like writing, in particular writing about the environment and writing poetry.

I also like photography, a gift that my father gave me and why I’m hoping to finally get a camera this year. Until then however, I’ll keep using the one on my phone, trying to find that beauty in nature through a camera lense.

So this leads me to tonight’s article entitled “In Greenland, abandoned oil drums turn into fleeting art . The story here is about the artist Julia Edith Rigby and her desire to find art (or create art) in nature through garbage. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder.



Green Librarian



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