Earth Day

Whenever I think of Earth Day, I think back to the one in 1990. Somewhere, and I don’t know where, I came across a flyer about the 20th anniversary of Earth Day and when I saw it, I decided I wanted to get involved.

I remember going to the first meeting and that they ask everyone there to introduce themselves and say why they were there. I think I said something about  Robert Kennedy and that he was my  hero.

So here we are in 2017 and Scientist have decided to march on Washington, D.C., just like the Women’s march on January 22nd, on April 22nd.So even though I won’t be able to get there and my opportunity to march in St. Louis (if there is  one) will also be limited, I will find a way to participate in Earth Day 2017.

While I don’t remember where I first found out about Earth Day 2017, here’s where I found out about Earth Day 2017 and the march. The article is entitled “March Madness: Mark your calendars! The March for Science is happening in D.C. on April 22 (Yes, that is Earth Day.)“over at the Grist.



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