Dark skies

So excuse me if you heard this one. I thought I posted this article before but maybe I haven’t. One of my favorite things about the earth is actually the night sky. I love it when we’re up north on vacation and you can look at the sky.

I’ve often said to my kids that the sky looks so full of stars, like you couldn’t stick another one up there because there’s no room. Anyway, the article is entitled “The World’s 11 Certified Dark Sky Reserves, Where the Stars Run Riot ” by Melissa Bryer over at Treehugger.

When I read this article it actually reminded me of a book I read at the library a few years back but I can’t for the life of me remember the title. Perhaps that’s a re-post for another night. First I need to go back and find the book.



Green Librarian


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  1. I live in the light polluted northeast U.S. But had occasion to travel into North Carolina on occasion. There was one night – we’re on U.S. 17 and I notice I don’t see any light in my mirrors, etc. So what do I do but pull off the highway. Get out of the car and look up – words cannot describe the beauty that I saw. And of course the camera was 30 miles away. I had never before seen the arc of the Milky Way – but that night I did. It was awesome.


  2. You might be interested on a post I did on this topic


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