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Fire clouds

So I recently wrote a post entitled Fire & science about the fires in California and mentioned a book I previously read entitled Fire Season by Philip Connors. Well, to follow that up, I recently came across this article entitled “Amid California Forest Fires, 3 Books Set Among Flames” by Concepcion De Leon in the New York Times that also suggested that book, along with two others. I think I need to add them to my must read list.

Now normally I only post one article but I also came across this article the other day on those California wildfires entitled “California’s wildfires are Spawning ‘Fire’ Clouds by Michael D’Estries over at the Mother Nature Network.

I may or may not have mentioned it before, but clouds are also one of my favorite topics. Which reminds me I need to look up that book I read on clouds several years ago, that first got me interested in them. I also just checked and found out that it’s not on my Green Reading List, so I need to add it. A librarian’s job is never done.



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