Owl prowl in the front yard

So tonight’s posting is really a story but one in which my daughter and I were involved with. When the kids were younger, I use to take them to what was called an Owl Prowl, courtesy of the Missouri Department of Conservation and it usually happened around this time of year. The link above is for the one in St. Louis next weekend.

Well, last night my daughter and I had just come home from running some errands when we heard an owl across the street. Rather than go inside the house we stood there for a minute and then I made an attempt to repeat the owl’s call. Within a minute, the owl returned my call and back and forth we went for several minutes.

My daughter also made a couple of calls as well and needless to say, we both had a great time. A few minutes later however, it was over. We tried to see if we could spot the owl and thought we might have but we weren’t sure. All in all, it was a pretty cool owl prowl right there in the front yard.



Green Lbrarian

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