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Nature & dictionaries

So the article I’m posting tonight is one I came across in a local newspaper recently here called Healthy Planet. After doing a bit of research however, like most librarian’s do, turns out this story actually is from 2015. The article here is entitled “A is for Acorn, Not Analog – Nature Words Gone From a Dictionary” by Linda Wiggen Kraft.

While my kids are older now, nature was one of the first things I introduced them to. The other night in fact, I was talking with my mom about how I use to take them on Owl Prowl’s, Amphibian Nights and other assorted adventures through the Missouri Department of Conservation’s and their Conservation Connections Newsletter.

So because of that and for my kids, I feel inspired to try and help make a difference in my own small way. Here’s a link to the contact page for Oxford University Press. I’ve already e-mailed them to let them know I am disappointed in learning this and will no long use or recommend their dictionaries in the future, either as a parent or librarian.



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