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Rocks & stones

I get the feeling that I’ve written another post with the same title but it was probably a few years ago. That said, I’ve always been attracted to rocks and stones. If you look around my house, you’ll find plenty of them.

Some from the from various river beds in the area but, most however, from up north in Minnesota around our cabin and that area. In fact, many years ago, my daughter did one of her science fair projects on the rocks up north.

That said, this article from over at Live Science entitled “1.6 Billion Year Old Breath of Life Frozen in Stone” by Stephanie Pappas reminds of some of those rocks and stones as I’ve just recently started to sort them and place them throughout the house.

In fact, I was just re-reading an article that gave me the idea of rewarding my kids by putting rocks in their own jars and rewarding them after they got so many rocks. It’s called “Don’t Lose Your Marbles” by Malissa O’Brian over at Family Fun Magazine.¬†Those are some really good memories.



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