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Local bees

So I didn’t get around to printing (or reading) the article I posted last time but, it turns out I found another article this evening, in the May edition of the Missouri Conservationist. This one talks about one of Missouri’s native bees, the Bicolored Striped Sweat Bee.

The article, surprisingly enough, is entitled “Bicolored Striped Sweat Bee“. Now that I’ve learned about one of our natives, I guess it’s time to learn about the others.

Good Night-


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Bee time

Okay, so with spring forever on it’s way here in the Midwest and as I tried to post (but failed to due to contest rules) a really nice picture I took a month or so ago of a bee on a crocus in the front yard, I decided to go looking for a nice article on bees to post along with the picture. At least here, there are no limits on the size of the picture.

A couple hours later, here we go. So the article I found, which is unfortunately too long to read tonight (and I will have to print out at work tomorrow), from what I’ve read so far, is a really nice one on native bees entitled “To Help a Native Bee, You Have to Know One” by Tom Oder over at Mother Nature Network.


Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the species here so I guess I need to read the article and learn about the native bee’s here in Missouri. No doubt, there will be a test afterwards.



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Cat’s meow

So to say this has been a tough week would be an understatement. It started last Thursday and ended yesterday as my daughter and I said good-bye to our beloved Oreo. Even though I have said many times, I am much more of a dog person, I have cried many, many tears over the last few days.

Like many pet owners, Oreo was and still is, a beloved member of our family. As someone who is divorced, he has also provided much comfort to all my kids. While I have known this, as I’ve reflected on our life with Oreo over the last few days, I have only begun to find out how much.

Like I entitled my post tonight, he was truly the Cat’s Meow and unlike any of my previous pets, we will have his ashes here to remind us. We will also have many, many pictures, which I hope to soon make into a collage.


Oreo, you will truly always be loved.



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So I can’t say I’ve ever written a post entitled with my name. Anyway, whenever I think of stars, I think of our cabin up north and the skies up there that when I look up, I always think that the skies are so full of stars that there’s not room for one more.

Anyway, that’s about as close as I’ll probably ever get to the Aurora Lights. That said, I just came across this article about these new northern lights called Steve, I kid you not. The article is entitled “Meet ‘Steve’, a New Kind of Northern Lights Discovered by Aurora Chasers” by Kimberley Mok over at Treehugger. There’s even a video. How cool is that?!



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Mighty Mississippi

So as this article states, I’m one of those people who lives within 100 miles of the Mighty Mississippi. In fact, I work not more than a mile or so away from this majestic river. I’ve also lived through (while sandbagging to help others) a few of those floods, including the one back in 1993 , that many people called the 100 year flood.

One of the things I remember around that time was an article I found which was written by a professor across this same river over in Illinois (whose name and school I can’t remember) that stated this 100 year flood is actually more like a 15 year flood. Meaning this size of flood occurs more like every 15 years, rather than 100 years.

So I wasn’t surprised when I read this article entitled “Engineers Tried to Tame the Mississippi River. They Only Made Flooding Worse.” by Adam Rogers over at the Grist. Meanwhile, I need to go back and look for that study.



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Cradle to cradle

So while reading this article, and as I started to read the article that it refers to, I was reminded of a book I read a few years ago entitled Cradle to Cradle by Michael Braungart and Michael McDonough.

Anyway, the article I just read is entitled “Littering is a Big Problem, but Who’s Really to Blame” by Katherine Martinko over at Treehugger.The other article, which is mentioned in the aforementioned article, is entitled “Telling Litterers to Change is a Waste of Time. Here’s Another Solution” by Ros Coward over at The Guardian.

Unfortunately, that’s reading for another day. I need to get up early to take my youngest son to the state Geography Bee! I can’t wait.



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