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Bee time

Okay, so with spring forever on it’s way here in the Midwest and as I tried to post (but failed to due to contest rules) a really nice picture I took a month or so ago of a bee on a crocus in the front yard, I decided to go looking for a nice article on bees to post along with the picture. At least here, there are no limits on the size of the picture.

A couple hours later, here we go. So the article I found, which is unfortunately too long to read tonight (and I will have to print out at work tomorrow), from what I’ve read so far, is a really nice one on native bees entitled “To Help a Native Bee, You Have to Know One” by Tom Oder over at Mother Nature Network.


Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the species here so I guess I need to read the article and learn about the native bee’s here in Missouri. No doubt, there will be a test afterwards.



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