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Beaches & more

So my friend on the other side of the world went to the beach today (or yesterday if you’re over there). Anyway, tonight’s article (and a book that I can’t remember if  I’ve read so I went ahead and requested it from the library tonight) about sand, are real eye openers on a topic that most of us I’m sure don’t really think about.

On my ride to work each morning via our local train however, we pass a newly built station that reminds me of this topic. Now you might be thinking what does a station stop have to do with sand. Well, the main ingredient for cement or concrete is of course sand.

Anyway, check out this article entitled “Is the World Running out of Sand? The Truth behind Stolen Beaches and Dredges Islands” by Neil Tweedie over at The Guardian. If that doesn’t do it for you, check out the book Sand the Never-ending Story by Michael Welland. Now since I can’t remember if I’ve read this book already, let me just apologize now if I’ve recommended this book before.



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