What’s under our feet

So the book I’m reading right now is entitled The Ground Beneath Us, the second book I’ve read by Paul Bogard and ironically it’s around the same time of year as when I read his first one. When we’re getting ready to go on vacation to our cabin in Minnesota, which it turns out is where he’s from.

When I read his first book, entitled The End of Night, it really rang a bell because our cabin is about three and half hours north of the twin cities which gives us the gift of very dark nights and lots of stars. Something I can never get around here in St. Louis.

While that connection isn’t there, I still find this book every bit as interesting, since I too  have often wondered what’s under out feet. As someone who was born in Iowa (one of the many states he covers in this book) and who in fact has relatives there, which we will be visiting, I will perhaps find myself a little more observant this time around while on their farm.

Anyway, I’m hoping to finish the book while we’re up in Minnesota, where I lived as well for a short time and can’t wait to visit again. For both the stars above and the ground below.



Green Librarian






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