Science project

Back in the day, my daughter did a science project on the rocks of Northern Minnesota. While I probably did more than my fair share of the project, in part because I collected many of the rocks over the course of many years, I’ve always been fascinated by rocks and geology. So tonight’s article broughtContinue reading “Science project”


So now that I’ve had my camera for a couple of years now, I’ve finally begun to take pictures and mostly pictures of nature during our family vacations to Minnesota. With that said, I wanted to blog about this article tonight in part because this gentleman also takes picture of nature but also for anotherContinue reading “Photography”

Nature & mental health

As I’ve so often talked about before and truly believe in, nature is one our best medicines. As a single father of three kids, it was something I tried to do on a somewhat regular basis, from Amphibian Nights to Owl Prowls to family walks in the woods. Tonight’s article, entitled “Growing Up Near GreenContinue reading “Nature & mental health”