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So now that I’ve had my camera for a couple of years now, I’ve finally begun to take pictures and mostly pictures of nature during our family vacations to Minnesota. With that said, I wanted to blog about this article tonight in part because this gentleman also takes picture of nature but also for another one that is close to my heart.

The young man in this article entitled “22-year-old defies the odds with his wildlife photography” by Jacqueline Gulledge over at the Mother Nature Network has Down Syndrome. Now while no one in my family has Down Syndrome, my oldest son is autistic. So it’s a story that in some ways, I hope happens to my son, that he finds what he truly loves to do.

In a way, it also let’s me know, I need to keep on helping him to find that too. Fortunately, I know what he loves, hopefully I can help him make it happen.



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