Windy days

So when we first moved here to where I live now, we had five trees but over time, one by one they’ve all gone. The first one lost a large branch in the wind, the next one died due to disease, then one split apart and fell on the house, while the next one (which was leaning towards the house) had to come down and finally, the last one was dying a slow death before being taken down.

One concerned me most about the last one was actually all the strong winds we’d had lately, which finally leads me to this article entitled “The Ocean’s Biggest Waves Are Getting Even Bigger” by Rafi Letzter over at LiveScience.

The article in fact got me to thinking that I’m wondering if the winds on land have also gotten stronger. I have to say, I don’t remember having wind advisories like we had this spring. Meanwhile, we’re planting our first new tree in a week or two. In the fall, I hope to plant at least one more.



Green Librarian

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