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Who doesn’t love ladybugs?

So with all the floods, storms, etc…going on around here in the Midwest, it’s nice to see this story about the National Weather Service and the huge blob that turned up on their radar recently. Turns out it was actually a massive swarm of ladybugs.

The article is entitled “Massive ladybug swarm over California shows up on radar” over at Yahoo courtesy of the Associated Press. Now that’s my kind of storm front.



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Peace & quiet

Reading this article made me begin to appreciate a bit more our family vacations to northern Minnesota, both with the kids and before them. Not so much for what we saw but for what we didn’t hear. Actually just the peace and quiet of nature. One of those times where you appreciate what you don’t have.

The article is entitled “Lessons in Stillness From One of the Quietest Places on Earth“ by Meghan O’Rourke in the New York Times Style Magazine. Unfortunately, this link might not work unless you have a subscription to the New York Times, so just go to your local library for it. It came out in November of 2017. It’s definitely worth the read.



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