The mighty Nile

While I live in the city of St. Louis and actually work downtown near the mighty Mississippi river, there is another famous river, the Nile that I’m also familiar with. That’s in large part because of my love for world history and role that the river has played in history. So when I came across this article, and later a second one which goes into greater detail regarding the age of the Nile, I knew I had to post them.

The first article, entitled “Why Nile hasn’t changed course in 30 million yearsby Eleanor Imster over at Earthsky is about something I never really thought about regarding the Nile. It’s the path by which it flows over the earth.

The second article, entitled “Nile River Formed Millions of Years Earlier Than Thought, Study Suggests by Yasemin Saplakoglu is over at LiveScience. It goes more into the issue of the rivers age. A fascinating river and like the Mississippi river, definitely mighty as well.



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