Beauty in the unlikeliest of places

So the picture I’m posting tonight is one I took just a few days ago out at Castlewood State Park. To me it’s one of those pictures where it may not look beautiful when you first come up to it but, upon further reflection, there is beauty in this tree. I guess it goes backContinue reading “Beauty in the unlikeliest of places”

Sunset in the neighborhood

While I still haven’t gotten any of my pictures uploaded yet on my photography page, maybe this is just the way to go for a while, with all that’s going on. This is the sunset last night from our neighborhood. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I’ve always had a fascination with the clouds andContinue reading “Sunset in the neighborhood”

Yellowstone National Park or ecosystem

This is a video that I just came across recently but it’s actually from several years ago and it’s a perfect example of how I believe that in nature when you upset one piece of the pie, the rest of the pie is upset as well. The story/video is entitled “How Wolves Change Rivers –Continue reading “Yellowstone National Park or ecosystem”