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So tonight I came across this article and when I read it, I knew it sounded familiar but unfortunately, I couldn’t remember where I read it. That’s when I decided to post this article entitled “The Protectors of British Columbia’s Coast” by Krista Langlois over at High Country News. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence but, then again, maybe it’s not. One thing’s for sure, we need more protectors.



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Earth Day

Whenever I think of Earth Day, I think back to the one in 1990. Somewhere, and I don’t know where, I came across a flyer about the 20th anniversary of Earth Day and when I saw it, I decided I wanted to get involved.

I remember going to the first meeting and that they ask everyone there to introduce themselves and say why they were there. I think I said something about  Robert Kennedy and that he was my  hero.

So here we are in 2017 and Scientist have decided to march on Washington, D.C., just like the Women’s march on January 22nd, on April 22nd.So even though I won’t be able to get there and my opportunity to march in St. Louis (if there is  one) will also be limited, I will find a way to participate in Earth Day 2017.

While I don’t remember where I first found out about Earth Day 2017, here’s where I found out about Earth Day 2017 and the march. The article is entitled “March Madness: Mark your calendars! The March for Science is happening in D.C. on April 22 (Yes, that is Earth Day.)“over at the Grist.



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Rocky photosynthesis

So according to a study over at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, rocks that formed at the ocean floor 3.2 billion years ago carry unmistakable evidence of oxygen. This according to the article “Ancient rocks record first evidence for photosynthesis that made oxygen” over at Science Daily.

It’s amazing to me how they can use that to deduct that the source of that oxygen is photosynthesis that long ago. Sort of story telling by the rocks,



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Workin’ for a livin (planet)

Over the years, I’ve really only had one paying job (and one volunteer job) that were truly green jobs. The first one was my volunteer job working with Earth Day 1990 as the state student coordinator for Missouri and that was a blast! I’ve never had so much fun as when trying to coordinate what was going on across the state with high school and college students.

The other job followed on the heels of that job but it actually paid! I worked as a campus coordinator for the Missouri Public Interest Research Group or MoPIRG. Now that was a much tougher job but definitely well worth it. I truly hope I made a difference in the lives of a few of the students at St. Louis Community College at St. Louis and I know that they made a difference in my life.

Anyway, I came across these couple of articles on some really cool jobs in my kids Xplor magazine from the Missouri Department of Conservation. They include “Wild Jobs: Bat Counter” (in the June/July 2011 issue) and “Wild Jobs: Lizard Wrangler” (in the April/May 2012 issue). Not be be outdone however, we have this recent article which was entitled “You Can Apple to be a Professional Polar Bear Spotter” by Jess Zimmerman over at The Grist from earlier this year.



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Proud dad

Okay, today is one of those days where you realize that as a parent you’ve done a good job. My eight year old daughter Gwen said to me that she wants to help save one of the local parks (The park is Lone Elk Park) that St. Louis County wants to close. She heard that they are having a meeting tonight and so she wants to raise money at her school to save the park.

Apparently she is not the only one according to this article over at the River Hills Traveler entitled “St. Louis County Parks Threat Mobilizes Public-Links Page

Very proudly-


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More citizen scientist information

Here are a couple more links to some “citizen scientist” information for those looking to be one. They are both over at Plenty Magazine. The first is “Count the Birds this Winter, Whatever” over at Your Daily Green Bit and the second is “Be a Citizen Scientist in 2009” at In The Garden.


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I remember when

When I read this article, I must say I was taken back. I remember when I first read about  Francisco Alves “Chico” Mendes while I was working in a bookstore in the early ninties. That said, here is a nice article entitled “Forest Plan in Brazil Bears the Traces of an Activist’s Vision” by Alexi Barrionuevo over at the New York Times. I guess what comes around, goes around.


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