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Visit your local park

If  “Citizen Science” isn’t for you, then just visit your local park.  “Tourism Stops, Parks Falling on Hard Times” by Laura Bruno  at USA Today should be enough motivation.


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Deep Ecology

I’m back after a long hiatus. I guess you could say I was doing a little  “Deep Ecology”. Anyway, here we go.

If you’re looking to become in a “Citizen Scientist”, then “The Christmas Bird Count is Under Way” by Dan Shapley at The Daily Green is for you. It has all kinds of great ideas. I took my kids out to go “Owling” a few weeks ago and we had a blast.

If you need a motivation, then check out “Cutbacks to Air, Water Monitoring Programs” by Leslie Wolcott over at Green Daily.


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Earth hour and save the trees

Just two articles today.

The first is on Earth Hour (tonight at 8:00pm). Not sure what to do during that hour? Then read this article from Treehugger by Lloyd Alter entitled “60 Things to do During Earth Hour” why’ll you still can.

The second article is about learning to go paperless. I’m going to give it a try starting next Monday. To get motivated, read “Clicking, at Last, on Don’t Print” by Lisa Belkin at the New York Times.

Happy Earth Hour!

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Citizen involvment

Here’s a couple of articles more for the whole family and and how they can help. The first one is over at Earth & Sky. It’s entitled “Citizen-Scientists Count the Stars”. I’m a little late on this but it goes through March 8th. Check it out here.

The other article is about “Energy Saving Day (E-Day)”. This article is over at Ecospace. Both are great ways to help make a difference. Read it here.

One little side note, here’s a link to an article on yesterday’s post about International Walk to School Day here in the Webster-Kirkwood Community.

Upon further review, I just realized there are a couple of additonal links in the Citizen Scientists Count the Stars article that might of interest. They are for the International Year of Astronomy 2009 and GLOBE at Night, both groups involved in this years count and/or 2009’s.


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