Back at the homefront

After struggling all summer with an overgrown lawn (and again, now that we’ve just come back from vacation), I found this article today on how to change that and you know, it’s looking really good at the moment. It’s entitled “Arid Southwest Cities’ Plea: Lose the Lawn” by Ian Lovett at the New York Times.Continue reading “Back at the homefront”

My thoughts turn to summer (despite the weather)

As my kids begin to talk about our family cabin up in northern Minnesota, my thoughts turn to summer vacation. So in keeping with that same train of thought, here’s a nice article about a farmer in the small town of Okabena in southern Minnesota over at Care2 entitled “Returning Farmeland to Nature in Minnesota”Continue reading “My thoughts turn to summer (despite the weather)”

This takes me back

Having followed the recent stories of coal ash spills in Tennessee (see the story “Ash and Sludge Cover Tennessee Town” by Leslie Wolcott at the Green Daily) and Alabama (see the story “What the Heck? Second Coal Ash Spill, this Time in Alabama” by Michael Graham Richard at Treehugger) , I’m reminded of flooding andContinue reading “This takes me back”

Wendall Berry and Wes Jackson

As a fan of these two men, I knew I had to post this article “A 50-Year Farm Bill” over at the New York Times. That got me to digging up a few more good articles on gardening, one of my favorite topics.  First up, “Agriculture Needs a Fundamental ReThink in the 21st Century” by Matthew McDermottContinue reading “Wendall Berry and Wes Jackson”