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Halloween candy

ow my kids will tell you that I try not to buy products with palm oil, so I will make sure to show them this article that I found over at our local paper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. It’s entitled “Buying Halloween candy? Zoos want you to check labels to help endangered animals” by .

I would also add while I’m not fond of zoo’s in general, this is something I’m definitely proud of, this and the zoo’s Hellbender program. That project helps in the conservation of amphibian and reptiles in Missouri.

One individual in particular who helps out with this program is Dr. Jeff Briggler, the Missouri state herpetologist and the man who also leads the Amphibian Night program my kids have all enjoyed with the Missouri  Department of Conservation.



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Roadless roads

Today on the metrolink, for the first time in a long time, I got out a small journal I have and started to write. Maybe it’s a song, maybe it’s a poem, I don’t know but hopefully tomorrow I’ll get back to work on it. It’s entitled Roadless roads and was inspired by the paths up in the sky that the birds take, wherever their headed.

Meanwhile, today I received an e-mail from the Missouri by the Department of Conservation that described a new website entitled Great Missouri Birding Trails but unfortunately when I tried to access it tonight, it didn’t come up and so for that reason I decide do go a different route (See Flowing right along below). Funny how things change.

So now what I’ve decided to do (after already writing my usual post) is write another post about an article on the MDC website entitled “New Great Missouri Birding Trail website takes flight” by Lucas Bond. Hopefully that link will work. After all, it work this afternoon while I was at work.

Meanwhile, tomorrow the kids and I will be heading over to Amphibian Night to check out the Peeper frogs and other local amphibian by the Jay Henge Shooting Range, where they have a couple of ponds.



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Belated Earth Day

Well, needless to say my Earth Day was a little busy. Filled with work and kids but none the less I did come across this article over at the New York Times entitled “Over Ever Green World” by Natalie Angier. I guess for me it pretty much sums it up.

I do plan however to get my kids out this weekend as there is our local Earth Day celebration over at Forest Park, my youngest son mentioned wanting to go to Russell E. Emmenegger Nature Park, there’s an Arbor Day celebration at Longview Farm Park where my daughter wants to go volunteer to help with the horses on Sunday and my oldest son wants to go to Jefferson Barracks (yet another St. Louis park) so we’ll no doubt be busy.

Oh yea, I almost forgot, hopefully (rain permitting) we’ll be going on our annual trek to Amphibian Night at the Jay Henge Shooting Range (I know, what irony). So happy belated Earth Day!



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DIY BioBlitz

Okay, so the last Bioblitz in this region was in 2012, so I swear that I read somewhere that there was going to be one in St. Louis this year but I can’t seem to find that.

So then my next idea came from an article over at the Mother Nature Network entitled “How to Hold Your Own Personal BioBliltz” by Jaymi Heimbuch.

Of course, if we make it out to Amphibian Night this year (we’re on the waiting list as of last week), then that might also count.  Meanwhile, I’ll call tomorrow and check to get an update. I’ll keep you posted.



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Those other hellbenders

So while I recently posted about the hellbenders here in the Ozarks (see the post Hell(bender) of a day), it turns out that their relatives out east also have some help. That’s according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Bronx Zoo Team Helps Hellbender Salamanders Go Home” by Will James. It’s nice to know that both the St. Louis Zoo and the Bronx Zoo are working together to help them out.

I also found this website, entitled, that gives lots of great information and reading for those interested in learning about hellbenders.  It’s good to see that the Hellbender has lots of friends.



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The Ozarks

While I don’t anywhere near the Ozarks in southern Missouri, it’s this time of year that brings them to mind. Each April the kids and I participate in what is known as Amphibian Night, a short trip south of St. Louis to the Jay Henge Shooting Range, where we go to listen to many an amphibian including one of our favorites, the Spring Peeper. If you happen to live in St. Louis or just want to read more about it, you can find out more over in  the April edition of the Conservation Connection.

It’s during that visit where each year where get to hear MDC Herpetologist Jeff Briggler speak and we learn about the numerous amphibians here in Missouri and among them, the Ozark Hellbender. Now listed as an endangered species and one near and dear to my daughters heart, I thought it appropriate that I list this great article over at our local paper, the Webster-Kirkwood Times. The article is entitled “Ozark Hellbender” by local writer Don Corrigan.  Check it out, it’s a great read.



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Shall we dance?

Over the last few years there have been articles about mass deaths of not only bats (as talked about in the previous post), but also of bees and even frogs. Unfortunately, they may be related according to “Bat, Bee, Frog Deaths May Be Linked” by Jennifer Viegas from Discovery News via the Environmental News Network.

Scarry, Scarry stuff!


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Librarian aside

Librarian aside, as the father of three amazing kids, I thought I would post this link to a video from the Green Mom Review about kids and the world in which we live.

As I watched it, I thought of all the ways I try to make a difference in my kids lives. The foods they eat, the stuff in our house and while I worry I’m not doing enough, I do my best.

This past month was Children & Nature Awareness Month (check out their website) and it was while I was busy trying to keep track of them during Amphibian Night that I realized once again, I must be doing something right. Shortly after that, they got two pet tree frogs.

Enjoy your Friday!

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What a cool word, amphibians

Just prior to the rains of last week,  my kids and I took another amphibiban walk, this time to the Columbia Bottoms Conservation Area and boy did they have a blast. So in honor of those amphibians, here are a few of articles on amphibians (mostly frogs).

First, there is “Ten New Amphibian Species Discovered in Columbia” at Science Daily.

Next, we have “Tiny New Found Frog Fits on a Fingertip“at LiveScience.

Last is “Science Moves to Protect Frogs From Extinction” by Dave Harcourt at EcoWorldly.

Happy Trails!

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