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I must admit, despite all of the family vacations we took out west over the years when I was a kid, to the best of my knowledge we never saw a crater. It’s actually only been since we got our family cabin that I think I really began to wonder about space and what is out there.

So I found this article quite interesting about asteroids and the apparent increased frequency of them, according to this article entitled “We are living in an era of high frequency asteroid strikes” by Bryan Nelson over at Mother Nature Network.

Sort of reminds me, in a strange sort of way, how we’re way past the average time between an eruptions at Yellowstone National Park. Kind of scary when you think about it.



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Meteors, meteorites and asteroids

Okay, after talking with my daughter this weekend about meteors and asteroids and how often they happen/hit earth, did I come across these two great articles here in our St. Louis newspaper the St. Louis Post-Dispatch while at work today.

The first article dealing with what is being referred to as a cosmic coincidence¬†in “Earth sees meteor and asteroid on the same day”¬†by Steven Perlberg at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. There is also a video courtesy of CBS in Philadelphia.

The other article is a great educational tool to help define meteors and meteorites (something I hadn’t thought about) and is entitled “Examining meteors, meteoritesby Alan Fredman and also at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. We learn something new everyday.



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