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Perhaps mother nature is our greatest teacher

To follow up on an earlier post of mine entitled “Have we learned nothing from mother nature? ” perhaps we are learning, each and every day. It seems this  recent article entitled “In Island‘s Shifted Sands, Signs of a Hurricane’s Power” by Henry Fountain over at the New York Times gives us an answer that question.

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Coast to coast

While I live here, landlocked in the midwest, I have to say that the one place I would love to visit again (and take my kids) is either coast. I have vivid memories of walking along the beach out west in San Diego and picking up sand dollars. I was also fortunate enough to go out  east as an adult and walk along the beaches at Cape  Cod. So with  that said, here is a great kids book that I stumbled upon this afternoon at the library that is all about the ocean’s and it’s entitled “Bubble Homes and Fish Farts” by Fiona Bayrock. Now while I haven’t read it to my kids yet (as I don’t have them until tomorrow night) I’ve been skimming through it ant I have to say it looks great.

I also recently requested a film the other day and picked up today (which I haven’t seen yet) entitled “The End of the Line: Where Have all the Fish Gone?” by Rupert Murray. Now while the title appears depressing, I will have to let you know.

Finally, I came across this story over at Grist,  “Google Maps Now lets You Walk Around on the Ocean Floor“and while it’s a great story I’m still looking forward to the new book “Soundings: The Story of the Remarkable Woman Who Mapped the Ocean Floor” by Hali Felt.



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At the beach

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. I was just at a point in The View from Lazy Pointwhere Carl Safina was on a coral reef diving trip and when I got to work this morning, I read this story by Chris from Newslook via Care2. The article is Australia’s Huge Marine Sanctuary Expansion” and it includes a short video.

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One at a time

This story and subsequent article brought back thoughts to if I ever read the book Sand: The Never-Ending Story by Michael Welland. I know I checked it out but I don’t think I ever finished it, so I went ahead and requested it again.

The story was over at Yahoo! and is entitled “Tine Remnants of War Found in Omaha Beach Sand” by Corrie MacLaggan via Reuters and the article, “D-Day’s Legacy: Remnants of Invasion Linger in Beach Sands” over at Earth Magazine.



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Life at the beach

Okay, this one couldn’t wait, I don’t know why. I think beachcombing is something I would love to do, even if I didn’t get paid for it. Anyway, it’s apparently a hobby or job that’s going by the wayside as it were. Check out “Dutch Beachcombers – A Dying Breed”, again from Chris at Newslook.

Happy Holidays!


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