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Solitary bees

So a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post entitled Bee Stories where I talked about the book Our Native Bees by Paige Embry. In the book I learned so much about all the other species, outside of honey bees and bumble bees, the only two I probably knew anything about.

Anyway, seeing this article entitled “MaliArts designs city-chic beehives to save solitary bees” by Lucy Wang over at Inhabitat, made me realize how cool beehives can be. Honestly, I’ve always wanted to have one. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.



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Bee stories

So I just finished reading the book Our Native Bees by Paige Embry and I have to say, what an excellent book with so many great stories. While I’ve always known about honey bees, like the ones we use to try and catch them as kids out by our honeysuckle bushes, I never knew that they’re not native to North America.

I certainly never knew that there are in fact over 4000 species of native bees and that they range in size from about an inch to less than the size of a grain of rice. In fact, on a recent field trip to a conservation area with my youngest son’s science class, I finally realized that I’ve actually seen some of those tiny ones before.

I also want to mention that towards the end of the book, the author talks about how we can all help support our native bees by getting involved in citizen sciences projects like the Great Sunflower Project (for more citizen science projects, you can also check out the scistarter website).

Go Citizen Science!


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Here comes the sun

For bees,  it appears that the sun plays a very important role in their lives. According to this article,  entitled “Bees Go Silent During  Total Solar Eclipse” by Russell McLendon over at the Mother Nature Network, it actually sounds like they can’t live without it. Interestingly enough, it turns out the study took place in three states, including my own state of Missouri. So hopefully, the sun will keep showing up.

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Our Native Bees

So that’s the title of the book by Paige Embry I’m reading right now and because of what I’ve learned about bees, I thought I would post this article tonight entitled “Mushroom Extract May Help Save Bees” by Noel Kirkpatrick over at the Mother Nature Network.

To say the book has been an eye-opener about native bees would be an understatement and speaking of eye-openers, here’s one of my recent pictures of a bee, though I will admit I don’t know the species (yet).




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Bees crafting

So today I took back the book Honeybee Democracy by Thomas Seeley, mostly because I thought it’s way over my head. At this point, I need to find a book a little more at the beginner’s level, to learn about bees.

Anyway, after coming across this very interesting article entitled “These Special Bees Craft Nests from Flowe Petals” by Melissa Breyer over at Treehugger, I went ahead and re-requested. I also requested a book I hope will be more what I’m looking for entitled Our Native Bees by Embry Paige. I’ll keep you posted.



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Local bees

So I didn’t get around to printing (or reading) the article I posted last time but, it turns out I found another article this evening, in the May edition of the Missouri Conservationist. This one talks about one of Missouri’s native bees, the Bicolored Striped Sweat Bee.

The article, surprisingly enough, is entitled “Bicolored Striped Sweat Bee“. Now that I’ve learned about one of our natives, I guess it’s time to learn about the others.

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Bee time

Okay, so with spring forever on it’s way here in the Midwest and as I tried to post (but failed to due to contest rules) a really nice picture I took a month or so ago of a bee on a crocus in the front yard, I decided to go looking for a nice article on bees to post along with the picture. At least here, there are no limits on the size of the picture.

A couple hours later, here we go. So the article I found, which is unfortunately too long to read tonight (and I will have to print out at work tomorrow), from what I’ve read so far, is a really nice one on native bees entitled “To Help a Native Bee, You Have to Know One” by Tom Oder over at Mother Nature Network.


Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the species here so I guess I need to read the article and learn about the native bee’s here in Missouri. No doubt, there will be a test afterwards.



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