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Bees & planet earth

So yesterday I talked about how I love taking pictures of insects, in particular bees and butterflies. Well, according to the Earthwatch Institute, bees are considered to be the most important living being on the planet.

The article is entitled “The Bee Is Declared The Most Important Living Being On The Planet” over at the Science and Info Blogspot. I think the book I’m still reading, The Nature and Necessity of Bees by Thor Hanson would agree with that statement.



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Insects in the winter

These days it seems that insects are what I’m most enjoying when it comes to nature. In fact, I just took up the hobby of photography with my new(ish) camera, and so insects sort of fell right into my lap as it were.

I’ve been having so much fun taking pictures of bees and butterflies in particular, along with all the flowers in my yard. Of course, I just started doing this a few weeks ago, so I can’t wait till I have a whole summer to do this.

Anyway, the article tonight is entitled “Where do insects go in the winter?by Mary Jo DiLonardo Over at Mother News Network. Now of course, my next purchase will be a lense for taking close up shots of all insects. I can’t wait!



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Somehow this summer, the topic of bees has continued to buzz around in my head and so today’s article continues along that theme. As someone who has a family cabin up north in Minnesota, I only wish this idea would spread south to the state of Missouri. Regardless of that however, I’ve finally this summer begun to make my yard more bee friendly

The article is entitled “Minnesota Will Pay Residents to Create Bee Friendly Lawns” by Jordan Davidson over at EcoWatch. Ironically enough, I just took a picture of my first bumblebee up north this summer, which I posted last month in To the north and back.



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Elephants and bees, oh my!

So I thought for sure I already posted this article before but after doing some green librarian research, apparently I haven’t. That said, who knew that one of the largest animals (the elephant) on the planet would be scared of one of the smallest (the bee).

The article is entitled “Elephants Are Very Scared of Bees. That Could Save Their LivesBy



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Bee blitz

So many years ago, before my oldest son was even born, I got the chance to help out with a butterfly account at a nearby park. Many years and three kids later, all my kids and I helped out on a Monarch count.

Reading this article the other day, “Bee Blitz aims to let volunteers help researchers via ‘citizen science’by  over at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch got me to reliving those moments. Maybe it’s time for another chapter of citizen science.



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Somehow this summer, bees seem to be a hot topic for me to write about so when I came across this article today, I knew I had to post it. The article is entitled “Holland covers hundreds of bus stops with plants as gift to honeybees” by Chiara Giordano over at the Independent.

As someone who rides the buses in St. Louis, I would love to see this happen here. Of course this article’s also a good excuse to post another picture I took recently of a bumblebee that was busy in our backyard.




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To the north and back

So after taking a couple weeks off due computer issues (in which unfortunately, I still have) and another because of our family vacation north last week, it’s time to get back to writing.

With that said, I’ll start with this simple picture of a bee in which the likes I’ve never seen.


Now as if I needed more  inspiration to write about bees, there’s this article over at my local newspaper the Webster-Kirkwood Times entitled “What’s Happening to our Honey Bees? Dramatic winter honeybee die-off has biologists concerned” by Joe  Liechtenstein that will also motivate me.

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