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The best things come in small packages

After having the best time putting together a puzzle of the United States together with my youngest (Julian, who is four years old) how could I not post  these two additional articles for him.

The first one is on a monster bike entitled “A Bicycle (Monsterbike) a Car Wouldn’t Want to Crash Into [VIDEO]” by Zachary Shahan at PlanetSave. I think Zachary said it best at the end of his post when he stated, “what a way to end bike month”(or something close to that).

The other is one I found last year is entitled “Video: Biofuel Powered SkyCar Takes Off: at GoodCleanTech.

Happy Trails!

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As I sat at work and tried to figure out why I came in late last Friday, I realized it was for bike to work (or in my case bike to my kids school) day. So with that in mind, here are a few articles on bikes.

Starting us off is a nice story on bike paths out of Detroit entitled “Awesome! Abandoned Railroad Gets Converted in Biking and Walking Path in Detroit” by Michael Graham Richard at Treehugger.

As a librarian, I gotta love this article titled “Library Bikes: Too Good an Idea to be Quiet About” by Warren McLaren, also at Treehugger.

These next two are about two examples of bike sharing (to the north and south of us), an idea whose time has come. They are “Montreal Inaugurates Continent’s Most Ambitious Bike-Sharing Program” by Ian Austen at the New York Times and  “Rio de Janeiro’s Bike Sharing System, Appropriately Called Samba” by Paula Alvarado, at Treehugger.

Finally, here’s a story on a city in Europe going (mostly) without cars. It’s entitled “ In German Suburb, Life Goes On Without Cars” by Elisabeth Rosenthal at the New York Times.

On the road again-

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Homeward bound

These days, there are lots of ways to get home but here are a couple of articles on the one that is perhaps becoming the way to go right now, biking.

Despite all the gloomy economic news, according to Michael Graham Richard over at Treehugger, there is “No Recession for Bicycle Makers“.

Also for those of you who use city bike plans, check out “City Bike Plans on Training Wheels” by Charisse Jones over at USA Today.

On a fun note, for those of you who want to purify your water while you ride, check out “Aquaduct Bike Purifies Water as You Pedal” by Daniel Flahiff at Inhabitat.

Happy trails!

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Bike to work week (Bike Month) roundup

So Bike to Work Week and Bike Month are over but there was lots of news coveage. Here are but a few of the articles:

“Pedal for Positive Climate Change” by Mairi Beautyman at Treehugger.

“Bicycle-Sharing Program to Be First of Kind in U.S.” by Bernie Becker at the New York Times.

“The Recyclery: A Tale of Two Cities and Two Wheels” by Warren McLaren at Treehugger.

“Beautiful Bicycle Helmets” by Bonnie Alter at Treehugger.

Many devising cheaper transportation strategies” by Judy Keen at USA Today

Gas costs push commuters to park and pedal” by Marisol Bello at USA Today.

Father Takes to Bike to Save Gas” by Lloyd Alter at Treehugger.


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May is Bike Month

I must say this holiday, this year, has been getting lots of coverage. Here are a couple of the articles that I have come across this month.

The first article comes from Inhabitat, “Transportation Tuesday: May is Bike Month” by Jorge Chapa.

The other one was in USA Today on Bike to Work Day entitled “Gas Costs Push Commuters to Park It and Pedal” by Marisol Bello.

For those of you looking for a little more on the bike community, check out “Bike! Bike” over at EcoSpace. Here’s also the like to the Bike! Bike! website and their upcoming Conference in September.

Happy Bike Month!


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Bikes, bikes, bikes

Here are some great articles on bikes. With gas prices being what they are, perhaps more people should start biking.

According to this article in the SFGate (courtesy of the AP), “Wisconsin College to give bikes to Freshman”. Up at Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin, the incoming freshman who promised not to bring a car were given a Trek 820 mountain bike, helmet and lock. 

Next, over in D.C. of all places, “Bike Sharing Spins Ahead with D.C. Test Drive” according to Jeff Kosseff of the Oregonian Staff.

Last, something near and dear to my heart is this article, “Project Mobility- Bicycle Programs for the Disabled“. Located over in St. Charles Illinois, this sounds like a great program.


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