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Fading forests

Reading this article makes me appreciate forests even more. It’s entitled “Ghost forests are eerie evidence of rising seas”   over at the Grist. While I’m not around forest much these days, I’m much more aware of the smaller things in life. Like the grasshoppers and bugs in my front yard.



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If a tree blooms in the woods…

Okay, so it should say if a tree falls in the woods but the point here is it seems a little early for trees getting ready to bloom but if you look outside in my front yard, I have a Bradford Pear tree that looks ready to bloom. So that got me to thinking about trees and climate change and the like.

So anyway, first up is an article entitled “Pine Beetle Attacks Alter Climate Over Canadian Forests” by Deanna Conners over at EarthSky.

Then I saw this article on the same day entitled “Peatland Forest Loss and Climate Change” by Alex Peel over at the Environmental News Network via Planet Earth on Line. So one plus one equals what again?

Finally there was this article over at Science Daily that was titled “Spring May Come Earlier to North American Forests, Increasing Uptake of Carbon Dioxide” originally written by Cather­ine Zan­donella. Okay, you do the math.



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Tick, tick, tick

I was reminded of this article when I was giving my kids a bath the other day after they were out in the woods. The article is “Mosquitoes, Ticks Spring up early in Wake of Mild Winter” by Blythe Bernhard at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

That article in turn sort of goes hand in hand with these two articles relating to the issue of the arly spring. The two articles are “Early Spring Sets Much of U.S. Awash in Color and Pollen Dust” by Kim Severson at the New York Times and “Much to Savor and Worry About Amid Mild Winter’s Early Blooms” by Lisa W. Foderaro, also at the New York Times. It’s that mild part that also speaks to the mosquitoes and ticks this year.


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Cicadas, cicadas go away

As my kids continue to hope and pray that they’ll go away soon, I was looking back at this article that came out during their arrival. It was in my local newspaper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. It was entitled “Cicadas Plan Ear-splitting Songfest” (in the hard copy of the newspaper) and boy they weren’t kidding.

Here’s hoping!

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Lights, sunset, action…

With my kids deep into summer, we’ve made several attempts to catch a few lightning bugs in order to create a “nature” designed night light (with the idea of me then releasing them) after the kids are asleep. We tried it once but failed miserably.

While I have yet to read it, here is an article that may hold the answer. Check out “Blink Twice if You Like Me” by Carl Zimmer at the New York Times.

Lights out!

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Blink Twice if You Like Me