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Indiana, bison and cars

I’ve always wanted to take my kids to Indiana to visit the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum. You see, that car is a part of my family history. My grandmother’s uncles invented that car.


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Carless and proud of it (sort of)

So yes, according to the news these days, I’m part of a growing trend (those who don’t own a car). Granted however, it’s not by choice but I came across this article the other day and it made me feel a little better. The article is entitled “Paris Bans Cars, Makes Transit Free to Fight Air Pollution” by John Upton over at the Grist.

With Paris being one of my favorite cities and one that I have been fortunate enough to visit, I thought how cool is that?



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They’re off!

Okay, I dug around and found a couple of car articles in honor those guys over at Car Talk.

The first aricle up is for my oldest son and is entitled  “Check Out NASCAR’s New 100% Electric Pace Car at Treehugger.

 The other one is for me because if I ever get a car for the kids and I, this would be the one. The article is entitled “Nissan Announces e-NV200 all-electric van, production slated for 2013” and is also over at Treehugger.
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Going and going and…gone

I don’t talk much about transportation here but perhaps I will today in honor of this article over at Yahoo! It’s entitled NPR ‘Car Talk’ duo retiring; reruns to continue. Now while I don’t have a car and I haven’t listen to them for quite some time, if you have to drive a car then these guys will help you make it last as long as possible and that’s a good thing.

We’ll miss you guys!
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Classic cars

When we celebrated my youngest son’s fifth birthday back on February 7th I meant to put this post up on classic cars (but I couldn’t find it back) because he loves cars so much.

Anyway, now I have so check out this classic old-time looking racing car from Audi in the article “Audi’s E-Tron Type C is an Electric Cruiser with Classic Styling” by Yuka Yoneda over at Inhabitat.

See ya on the streets!

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The best things come in small packages

After having the best time putting together a puzzle of the United States together with my youngest (Julian, who is four years old) how could I not post  these two additional articles for him.

The first one is on a monster bike entitled “A Bicycle (Monsterbike) a Car Wouldn’t Want to Crash Into [VIDEO]” by Zachary Shahan at PlanetSave. I think Zachary said it best at the end of his post when he stated, “what a way to end bike month”(or something close to that).

The other is one I found last year is entitled “Video: Biofuel Powered SkyCar Takes Off: at GoodCleanTech.

Happy Trails!

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What I’m thankful for

Every night when I put my kids to bed, I ask them what they’re thankful for. For me each night, it’s them. So here are a few posts on topics they love.

First up is Evan. For him I have a couple of articles on volcanoes. The first one is entitled  “Electric Ash Found in Evjafjallajokull’s Plume, Says UK Rsearchers” at Science Daily. Very funky.

The other one is on a volcanoe closer to home, Mount St. Helens entitled “Mount St. Helens Aftermath” by Andy Soos at the Environmental News Network. This was acutally the topic of his Science Project this past school year.

For Gwen I have one that I couldn’t agree more with, “Outdoor Bacteria Can Make You Smarter, and Happier” by Jeff Kart at Treehugger. She’s proof positive of that.

The other one, while an extremely depressing story, is about a man whose grandfather she admires very much. It’s entitled “Cousteau Dives Into ‘Nightmare’ U.S. Oil Slick” over at the Grist.

Finally, for Julian I have one about a car that I think he will love entitled “Toyota Releasing Prius ‘Alpha’ MPV in 2011” by Ariel Schwartz at Inhabitat. Very cool and it’s about time.


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Not to leave my youngest out

With my youngest son starting to know what he likes most, I’ll start with the only thing he wanted for Christmas this year, cars (in this case, electric cars).

So here are a few articles on that very topic. They are “Berlin Customers Receive First Smart EV’s” (his favorite car), “Myers Motors Taking Pre-Orders for Two-Seat Duo EV” and “Toyota to Unveil 134 MPT Plug-in Prius for 2011” and they are all over at GoodCleanTech.

Happy Trails!

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As I sat at work and tried to figure out why I came in late last Friday, I realized it was for bike to work (or in my case bike to my kids school) day. So with that in mind, here are a few articles on bikes.

Starting us off is a nice story on bike paths out of Detroit entitled “Awesome! Abandoned Railroad Gets Converted in Biking and Walking Path in Detroit” by Michael Graham Richard at Treehugger.

As a librarian, I gotta love this article titled “Library Bikes: Too Good an Idea to be Quiet About” by Warren McLaren, also at Treehugger.

These next two are about two examples of bike sharing (to the north and south of us), an idea whose time has come. They are “Montreal Inaugurates Continent’s Most Ambitious Bike-Sharing Program” by Ian Austen at the New York Times and  “Rio de Janeiro’s Bike Sharing System, Appropriately Called Samba” by Paula Alvarado, at Treehugger.

Finally, here’s a story on a city in Europe going (mostly) without cars. It’s entitled “ In German Suburb, Life Goes On Without Cars” by Elisabeth Rosenthal at the New York Times.

On the road again-

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So many choices but so little money

With me trying to scrape enough together to purchase a nice used car (but I’ll always have my scooter) as three kids don’t really fit very well on it. I guess I’ll just have to dream about having one of the really green ones! But since I can’t have one, at least I can talk about them, so here goes.

First up, this article on the latest about that cute care the TH!NK. It’s entitled “TH!INK Electric Cars Considering US Market-You Can Help” by Sami Grover at Treehugger.

Then there is this one about the Smart Car called “Smart Car2Go Program Rolls Out in Austin by Josh Loposer at Green Daily.

And while the Volt is getting a lot of headlines here in the U.S., check out “Detroit Electric Announces Affordable EV Lineup”  over at Good Clean Tech and “Treehugger Becomes Ford Fiesta Agent” by Alan Graham at Treehugger. So many to choose from.

As I was writing this post, I noticed “5 Fuel-Efficient Little Cars That Dazzled the New York Auto Show” by Dan Shapley at The Daily Green. Check it out.


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