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A picture is worth a thousand words

Tonight, I just want to keep this post short and sweet. Check out this amazing picture over at The Grist with the article entitled “Rare photos show Serengeti lions napping in a tree” by



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Cats and dogs and people, oh my!

Here are two  stories, one about a cat and one about a dog and how perhaps we humans can  get along withthem if we just work together.

The first story, “Lonely Cougars Look for Love in Southern California” by Sheila V. Kumar at the Wall Street Journal. Here we have the state of California and several interest groups looking to build the cougars their own freeway overpass, in order to help them survive in our highway world.

The other article is entitled “Coyote Struck by SUV, Gets Stuck in Bumper” by David Strege at GrindTV. This kind soul not only took him to a rehabilitation center, he also helped pay for the expenses.



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Cats & dogs or dogs & cats

So as soon as I came across this article, “What Dogs can Teach Kids” by Pete Nelson the other day in an old copy of (the now defunct) Wondertime magazine , I was reminded of a couple of other articles.  One was on cats and one was on dogs.

To make the story more complicated, my kids have dogs with their mom and a cat at our house, with talk of getting a second even though I would rather have a dog.  Confused!? Me too!

Since it’s sort of still Christmas around here as  the tree is till up, I thought I would post three articles here (since I have three kids), two on dogs and one on cats. If I do get a dog, it will probably a Newfoundland. They’re great with kids as we had two when I was younger.

The first one is the aforementioned one on what dogs can teach kids. The other two are on the domestication of cats and dogs. They are “Cat Domestication Traced to Chinese Farmers” and “Domestication of Dogs May Have Elaborated on a Pre-Existing Capacity of Wolves to Learn from Humans“, both at Science Daily.

Chow (or meow)!


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Amazing animals

It really is amazing, to me at least, how animals can adopt. What with all that’s going on around them, some seem to find a way to adjust to their environment and here are a couple of examples of that.

The first example of this comes in the article “Tigers Take the Night Shift to Coexist with People” over at Science Daily. Let’s hope, that with our help, they succeed.

Meanwhile, for those animals that are a tad bit smaller and perhaps not on our radar, we have “Artic Crustaceans Use Deep-Water Migration to Survive Sea Ice Melts” by Nathan over at Planetsave.



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Here kitty kitty

So with Elk back in Missouri now (See my Come On In and As We Welcome posts from early last year), it makes sense that mountain lions are making a comeback as well. Just last week there was this article all around the web just a few days ago including “Mountain Lions Recolonizing Their Historic Range in Midwest, Canada” by Matt McDermott at Treehugger.

What’s next? I’m thinking wolves or maybe buffalo. Time to get our ecosystem back in order.



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Migratory ways

Like my daily migration from home to work and back, here are a couple of articles on the topic plus a link to last night’s Nature show on PBS.

One of the biggest stories this past year was talk on a possible road through Serengeti National Park and how it would disrupt the Wildebeest migration. Check out “Road Through Serengeti National Park Will Kill Annual WildebeestMigration: Richard Leakey” by Matthew McDermott at Treehugger.

On a note closer to home (as I mentioned in an earlier post on Loons in Minnesota), we should begin to see the results of this years migrations after winter as discussed about in “Migratory Birds Flying Right Into Oily Morass” by Judy Keen at USA Today.

Last but not least, I was going to mention the show I saw last night on the PBS show Nature but when I went to find the link, I saw a second show I watched a couple of months ago that also speaks to the topic of migration.

The one I watched last night was called “Crash, the Tale of Two Species“which shows the story of  the interconnection of life when two different migrational paths cross paths. The other is “Broken Tail: A Tiger’s Last Journey“, which tells the story of a 100 mile journey taken by this Tiger and asks the question “why”? 

Moving On!

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Roar like a lion

While spring  definitely roared last week, it also seemed to be a time for lions as well with a nice article on some rescued lions plus a couple of good films.

First up is the feel good story about a group of circus lions entitled “25 Ex-Circus Lions to Be Air Lifted from Bolivia to Colorado by Alex Davies at Treehugger.

Next up is this new documentary on lions called “The Last Lions” over at National Geographic.

Finally, there’s a documentary over at PBS on the cats from Born Free entitled  “Elsa’s Legacy: The Born Free Story“. Check it out.


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