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So last night I went to hear Missouri Department of Conservation photographer Noppadol Paothong speak at Powder Valley Nature Center. I not only learned a few things about nature photography, it also reiterated once again, that one of the best things I did for my kids was take them to several of the parks around town.

Towards the end of his talk, he talked about how he took his daughter out on one of his adventures and that he realized how lucky she was to see nature in all it’s beauty. It made me realize my kids were too.

The event was called “MDC photographer Noppadol Paothong to add encore presentation Feb 20 at Powder Valley Nature Center“. The best thing is, he’s speaking again tonight and I can definitely say, it was well worth the time.



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Tonight’s article comes from an author I’ve read many times before and while is only partly about leaves, leaves are something I dearly miss these days. After the last of our four big trees came down recently, They’re like missing a dear friend.

The article is entitled “McClellan: Giving thanks for falling leaves” by Bill McClellan over at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. While I still miss the leaves, there are plenty of things in nature to be thankful for.

One of those actually happened today with my middle child and my mom. They were out at the Wildlife Rescue Center today, getting a gift for one of my nieces when he said to my mom, I remember when dad to use to bring us out around here. That’s a gift that is truly priceless.



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So now that I’ve had my camera for a couple of years now, I’ve finally begun to take pictures and mostly pictures of nature during our family vacations to Minnesota. With that said, I wanted to blog about this article tonight in part because this gentleman also takes picture of nature but also for another one that is close to my heart.

The young man in this article entitled “22-year-old defies the odds with his wildlife photography” by Jacqueline Gulledge over at the Mother Nature Network has Down Syndrome. Now while no one in my family has Down Syndrome, my oldest son is autistic. So it’s a story that in some ways, I hope happens to my son, that he finds what he truly loves to do.

In a way, it also let’s me know, I need to keep on helping him to find that too. Fortunately, I know what he loves, hopefully I can help him make it happen.



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Reading this article I was reminded of when I was a kid and we use to play in the woods. There was this field that unfortunately is now houses but, back then it was full of berries.

These days if I’m looking for berries we do so when we’re up at our cabin. We can usually find them along the dirt road that leads to our cabin.

Anyway, the article that took back to my childhood is entitled “Tasting the Sweetness of Summer, Berry by Berry” by Hope Jahrenaug over at the New York Times. Back to a place where time didn’t always matter.



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Good & dirty

Here is another moment where the article I’m going to write about isn’t available unless you have access to the Wall Street Journal. The article is entitled ” Get Your Children Good and Dirty” by B. Brett Finlay and Marie-Claire Arrieta.

The upside here however, is that the essay is adapted from their new book Let Them Eat Dirt: Saving Your Child From an Oversanitized World. Me, I’ve already requested it from my local library.



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Nature, play and pause

Reading this article tonight took me back to some of the activities the kids and I have done over the years. We’ve done Monarch butterfly tagging, Amphibian Night, Owl Prowl, just to name a few.

In fact, tomorrow, the kids and I are going to Raptor Night (which we did once before) over at one of our local parks to check out some of the local birds here in the Midwest. We’re also hoping to maybe see one of our old neighbors because they had a couple of hawks that they use to take to this show back then.

We’re also going to check our a nearby river, the Meramec, this weekend. When it rain for three straight days here in Missouri, some of our local rivers flooded, including this one. From what I’ve seen, it’s taken back a little of the area and I’m curious to see what’s changed.

Now with all this said, we’ve also done less of this but that’s in part due to the fact that they’ve also started to find their own interest and for me that was hard. It took a while to adjust to that but, I’ve come to accept it, we just do less. I know they still all like nature and I just want to make sure we take that time now and then.

Sweet Dreams!


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This article in some ways took me back to kindergarten. How we use to walk to school when I was in kindergarten, once even getting lost and being late to school. I remember the path we use to take in the woods almost like it was yesterday.

I was also just talking with my co-workers the other day how my friends and I use to stay out as late as we good after school, usually not going in until our mothers called us for dinner.

We would be outside playing what we called 500 ball, kickball, tag and any number of other games in our neighborhood. On the weekends we would play in those same woods we walked to school in.

The article is entitled “German Kindergarten Campouts Test Helicopter Parents” by Jessica Holzer at the Wall Street Journal. In a way, the education they’re talking about in the article is what we got every day after school and on weekends, we just didn’t know it.



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