It hasn’t rain in days…

Okay, in some place’s it hasn’t rained in centuries, this according to the article entitled “It hadn’t rained here in centuries – now it’s raining and everything’s dying” by Melissa Breyer over at Treehugger. Who knew that rain could lead to mass extinction’s due to climate change? Sincerely-   Green Librarian

Oceans, carbon dioxide & climate change

So while scientist agree that the oceans play a role in climate change, at least in regards to the absorption of carbon dioxide, a recent article from some British scientist appears to show that the oceans might be absorbing many more times than originally thought. This according to the article entitled “Ocean Waves Show Earth’sContinue reading “Oceans, carbon dioxide & climate change”

Trees & climate change

There is no doubt that trees, like all other species of plants (and animals) for that matter, are going to be affected by climate change. With this article we already see that happening with our tropical tree friend, the palm tree. The article is entitled “Palm Trees Are Spreading Northward. How Far Will They Go?”Continue reading “Trees & climate change”

Greenland and fires

Two words I have to say I never would have put together and according to the Danish meteorological service (Greenland is technically an autonomously governing part of Denmark) there are no experts who specialize in Greenland fire. The articles is entitled “Greenland, the land of ice and snow, is burning“ by Eric Holthaus over at the Grist. The phraseContinue reading “Greenland and fires”

Migration mapping

After last year’s chance meeting of a Monarch butterfly coming out of it’s cocoon on the milkweed plant by our front porch, anything on the Monarchs grabs my attention. This article, entitled “Researchers identify monarch butterfly birthplaces to help conserve species ” over at is a great example. I know it’s still Winter butContinue reading “Migration mapping”