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A pinch of coral too

Actually, probably more than a pinch.  Now the recipe for today’s oceans might be a bit different than the ancient oceans, thanks in large part to human’s and climate change.  This according to a group of scientist who are trying to help out with the revival of oceans through the mass-production of coral colonies.

You can check out their work over in the article “A Quest to Regrow a Coral Reef” by Richard Morin at the New York Times.



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Mapping the ocean blue

Yes shark week is over and even though my kids, my mom and myself had a great discussion about it yesterday morning over breakfast, the place they call home is still the place we know the least about. If Google and some scientist have a say in it however, that’s about to change.

They have joined together to start mapping the coral reefs and other parts of the oceans. In large part to help us protect this world in which we know so little about. The article and video are entitled “Explore the World’s Coral Reefs with Google Street View” by Tanya Lewis at LiveScience.

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Coral reefs of the world, unite!

I came across an article today on the Great Barrier Reef with a very sad picture of it (taken in 1998) over at yahoo! and so since I’ve read several articles on the condition of the worlds reefs lately, I thought I put a few of them up here.

The first one is entitled “Majority of Coral Reefs at Risk Unless Climate Change is Halted” by Joshua Hill over at Planetsave. Along with this article are some amazing pictures that I think show why are reefs are so important.

This second article talks more about some of the regions where reefs exist. The article is “West African and Caribbean Seas Rank among the Unhealthiest” by Samuel Hinneh and Daniela Hirschfeld at the Science and Development Network via the Environmental News Network.

Now not to give up all hope, here are two article on a more positive note. The first one talks about a possible way in which scientist in the future might be able to predict  where corals will appear and is entitled “Coral Hotspots Found in Deepwater Canyons Off Northeast US Coast” at Science Daily.

The other article,” Urban Reef: Jason deCaires Taylor Creates an Underwater Suburbia to Revive Cancun’s Struggling Coral Reefs” by Beth Buczynski and is over at Inhabitat. It talks about how we humans can help, sometimes in very creative ways.



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At the beach

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. I was just at a point in The View from Lazy Pointwhere Carl Safina was on a coral reef diving trip and when I got to work this morning, I read this story by Chris from Newslook via Care2. The article is Australia’s Huge Marine Sanctuary Expansion” and it includes a short video.

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Man oh manfish

Every now and again, I come across articles that remind me of the Manfish (Jacques Cousteau) and lately I’ve found a couple.

The first one is one that I came across in the New York Times by William J. Broad entitled “Diving Deep For a Living Fossil“. How he loved to dive into caves.

The other article was called “Rare Black Coral Forest Found in Italy, But Location Still a Secret” by Jami Heimbuch at Treehugger. He would be very happy.



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Headed towards the ocean

Today I was just sitting here and realizing as I type this post that I forget how the mighty Mississippi river behind me heads down towards the ocean. Then as I read an article this morning that points out a little good news with regards to the ocean, I thought I would post a few articles on our oceans. So without further adieu…

In Midst of Modern Ills, Some Ocean Success Stories” with Oceanographer Jeremy Jackson over at Earth & Sky.

These next two two articles are a couple of ways in which people are trying do just that. “U.S. Leaders Support of the Sea Treaty” via the Worldwatch Institute and “WWF Seeks Innovative Solutions to Bycatch Though Worldwide Competition” by Erika Viltz via the World Wildlife Federation, both courtesy of the Environmental News Network.

This next article, which also goes along with that thinking, is “Quote of the Day: Tim McClanahan on Fish and Coral Reef Conservation” by Michael Graham Richard at Treehugger.

We will finish with this last article, also from Earth and Sky. It talks about one example of what is also happening to our oceans right now and is entitled “Mystery Ocean Dead Zones in Pacific“.


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Rainy days and mondays

Okay, I’m a day late in finishing this post.  Better late than never.

I was reading the article “Google Earth Fills It’s Watery Gaps” by Andrew C. Revkin over at the New York Times on my lunch when the came across Sylvia Earle’s name and so I went looking for some articles on one of my favorite topics, the ocean and here some that I came up with.

First up was an article posted today over at Scientific American by John Platt entitled “Coral Reefs: Vital to the Oceans, Vital to Humans“.

Next we have “The Tiny, Slimy Savior of Global Coral Reefs?” at the Environmental News Network courtesy the Christian Science Monitor.

After that, there is “Taiwan Coral Reefs ‘turn black’ with Disease” also from the Environmental News Network, this time courtesy of Reuters.

Then we have “Unrusted Iron Dust Found Bubbling Up From Depths of Ocean Floor” at Science Daily.

The last one is “Non-Native Lionfish Move to Florida Keys, Eat Everything, Won’t Go Home” by Jaymi Heimbuch at Treehugger.

Sailing away!

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