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Mother earth’s main ingredients

For the last month or so I’ve been reading this book called Still Waters by Curt Stager and I must admit I’ve learned a lot about all the animals that live in our lakes which I never knew even existed.

Now tonight’s article, entitled “Living things unlike anything else on Earth found in random dirt sample by Bryan Nelson over at Mother Nature Network, is all about the animals that live in our dirt. To think, all I knew is that fish live in our lakes and worms in our dirt.



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Minnesota soil

So this article tonight goes right to the heart of a book I talked about a couple of posts ago entitled What’s Under Our Feet (which is also the title of the post) and at the same time, reminds me of our family vacation in Minnesota. Which is also where the author, Paul Bogard resides.

Anyway, the article is entitled “Minnesota Ranch Looks to Regenerate Rather than Sustain It” by Jenny Schlecht over at Capital Journal. I’m guessing Paul would agree.



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What’s under our feet

So the book I’m reading right now is entitled The Ground Beneath Us, the second book I’ve read by Paul Bogard and ironically it’s around the same time of year as when I read his first one. When we’re getting ready to go on vacation to our cabin in Minnesota, which it turns out is where he’s from.

When I read his first book, entitled The End of Night, it really rang a bell because our cabin is about three and half hours north of the twin cities which gives us the gift of very dark nights and lots of stars. Something I can never get around here in St. Louis.

While that connection isn’t there, I still find this book every bit as interesting, since I too  have often wondered what’s under out feet. As someone who was born in Iowa (one of the many states he covers in this book) and who in fact has relatives there, which we will be visiting, I will perhaps find myself a little more observant this time around while on their farm.

Anyway, I’m hoping to finish the book while we’re up in Minnesota, where I lived as well for a short time and can’t wait to visit again. For both the stars above and the ground below.



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Good & dirty

Here is another moment where the article I’m going to write about isn’t available unless you have access to the Wall Street Journal. The article is entitled ” Get Your Children Good and Dirty” by B. Brett Finlay and Marie-Claire Arrieta.

The upside here however, is that the essay is adapted from their new book Let Them Eat Dirt: Saving Your Child From an Oversanitized World. Me, I’ve already requested it from my local library.



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My favorite toy as a kid

As a kid, one of my favorite toys was just plain, old dirt. If we could find some, in the back yard or the local creek, we were in it. So when I saw this article over at High Country News, I knew it was for me, even though I’m not a geologist.

My kids however, might disagree as I have lots of rocks, a fossil or two and even some sand in the house. Hmmm? Maybe I have the makings of a new career. Anyway, the article is entitled “Thanks, BLM, for letting the dirt shine through” by Collin Smith.

Dig in!


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Eating dirt

I’ve always told my kids that’s it’s okay to eat dirt and now I have proof. I can just point to this article, “Exposure to ‘good bacteria’ as a baby could prevent asthma and allergies ” by Michael Graham Richard over at Treehugger. Okay, let’s get back outside.



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Rain, rain go away….

Well, it did go away just in time for the kids end of the school year picnic. So as school winds down for them (and for me, it wound down last week), lets try to end this work week on a positive note.

Just a couple of posts here kids and getting them outside. The first one was over at the Wall Street Journal entitled “Can Dirt Do a Little Good?” by Melinda Beck. Ivote yes.

To prove this point (okay, this is a little less positive) check out “Rising Levels of Dioxins from Common Soap Ingredient in Mississippi River, Study Finds” over at Science Daily.

Finally, back to the positive. While it’s not really a lot in today’s economy, at least it’s something. Check out how the U.S. Forest Service is getting involved in getting kids out in “U.S. Government Spends $500,000 to Get ‘More Kids in the Woods“” by Warren McLaren at Treehugger.

With the stars out tonight as the skys clear and with an outlook of sunny days ahead, you can bet I’ll be outside this weekend with the kids.

Sunny Days!

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