Mother earth’s main ingredients

For the last month or so I’ve been reading this book called Still Waters by Curt Stager and I must admit I’ve learned a lot about all the animals that live in our lakes which I never knew even existed. Now tonight’s article, entitled “Living things unlike anything else on Earth found in random dirtContinue reading “Mother earth’s main ingredients”

What’s under our feet

So the book I’m reading right now is entitled The Ground Beneath Us, the second book I’ve read by Paul Bogard and ironically it’s around the same time of year as when I read his first one. When we’re getting ready to go on vacation to our cabin in Minnesota, which it turns out isContinue reading “What’s under our feet”

Good & dirty

Here is another moment where the article I’m going to write about isn’t available unless you have access to the Wall Street Journal. The article is entitled ” Get Your Children Good and Dirty” by B. Brett Finlay and Marie-Claire Arrieta. The upside here however, is that the essay is adapted from their new bookContinue reading “Good & dirty”