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Science projects

Having just helped my son with his Cartesian Diver project for science class, both last night and this morning, I find myself in the mood to write about a couple of articles for those budding young scientist or wanna be scientist, regardless of age.

The first on is on the youth and is entitled “Program Shapes the New Faces of Conservation” by Kim Severson at the New York Times. It’s all about creating scientist and engineers. Big kudos to the Nature Conservancy, who helps out with the program.

The other is for those who wish they were scientist and is over at my local paper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch by Blythe Bernhard, entitled “Creature Count in Forest Park“. I will definitely keep an eye out for the next BioBlitz.

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Two states, one problem

I have to say that I know little about crayfish. I remember when I was a kid we saw a few in the creeks so when I saw two articles about crayfish on the same day, I knew I had to post them. After all, as the old saying goes, “you learn something new everyday”.

The first thing I learned was that Crayfish are apparently a problem in a lot of places, from Nevada to Missouri as is evident by these  two articles. They are “Crayfish to Eat, and to Clean the Water” by Norimitsu Onishi at the New York  Times and “Crayfish Regulations Discussions Continue” by Jim Low at the Missouri Conservationist.



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Butterflies & more

I have to say we saw lots of butterflies during our “Butterflies on the Wing” excursion, unfortunately not quite the variety that I think our guides thought we were going to see. We did however, see lots of other animals including a ribbon snake, a toad, a fox (at least part of it), several beetles, deer,  and numerous species of birds.

Overall, my kids had a great time though at times my oldest would have rather been somewhere else, like watching NASCAR.  So with that said, here are a couple of articles on some of the animals we saw.

First up there is this article over at Science Daily entitled “Monarch Butterfly Migration Mystery Deepens”. what an amazing journey.

Then, for the beetle lovers out there, I have this interesting artilce, “Zoologger: Infrared-sensing beetles born in fire” over at NewScientist. On our adventure this past weekend, we had a herbatologist who was able to educate us on the different beetles we saw along the way.

Finally, while we didn’t see a lot of tracks on that day (except a few deer tracks), here’s an article about that topic. It’s entitled “Get Kids Outside:Tracking” by Matt Miller at the Nature Conservancy.



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Taking flight

With our “Butterflies on the Wing” trip to Emmenegger Nature Park coming up soon, I thought I would mention several articles on the topic of kids and nature.

First up, is a great story entitled “Children and the Forest” by Dr. Steven Farmer over at Care2.

Then there are two by one of my favorite writers over at Care2, Eric Steinman. They are “That is Dirty! Put it in your Mouth: Healthy Immune Systems through Dirt” and “Outside with your Kids!

Follow that with another great article, “Teach Your Children Empathy” from Seventh Generation. This sounds just like my younger two kids.

Last, but not least, there is this one (this one sounds like my daughter), “Can Your Child Love Nature Too Much?” from the Nature Conservancy. Some of those articles maybe a little old but, none the less, Good Stuff!



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Science at home

So while your taking a look around your own backyard, why not have some activities to do to make it fun for everyone? Look no further than this article, again by Carol Kaesuk Yoon at the New York Times, for some ideas. The article is entitled “Please Try This at Home“.

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Looking around

Now why there is plenty of nature to be seen if you look hard enough in unusual places, lets not forget the nature in your own back yard. This article is an excellent one on that very topic. It’s entitled “So Much Life on a Little Patch of Earth” by Carol Kaesuk Yoon at the New York Times.  


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Now that’s what I’m talking about

With my annual trip to Amphibian Night with the kids almost upon us, I came across this great article today in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, entitled “Nature Connection for Kids” by Margaret Gillerman. Now this is what I’m talking about.

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