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Grizzly bear comeback

I must say, this was a nice story to read about in an age where it seems there are so many animals on the verge of extinction. Now while the story is far from over, it’s nice to see these majestic animals making a comeback.

The story is in the article entitled “Yellowstone Grizzlies May Soon Commingle with Northern Cousins” by Jim Robbins at the New York Times. Hopefully this story will continue.



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Sixth extinction

Each day I read about elephants, rhino’s, lions and other majestic beasts that human’s continue to try to elimnate yet as we enter what has been called by many as the “sixth extinction”, we find that the vast majority of species that are moving this way have actually been invertebrates.

This according to the article “Invertebrates Are Forgotten Victims of “Sixth Extinction”” by Christopher Intagliata over at Scientific American. So let’s keeping plugging along, one species at a time and as Christopher Intagliata says, if you care about this you just can’t give up.

Just as an FYI, it’s also the name of a book on my reading list, The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert.



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Zebras at the science fair

As I’m sure I’ve talked about before, many years ago my daughter did a science fair project entitled “Black with white stripes or White with black stripes“? Since then, I always had an affection for zebras and so when I came upon this article on the Grevy’s zebras, I knew I needed to post it.

The article is entitled “Devil Tree Threatens the World’s Rarest Zebras” by John R. Platt over at the Extinction Countdown blog at Scientific American. Here’s hoping someone will come up with a solution to help our dear friends.



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It seems like over the last several days I received more than a few e-mail’s on ways to help reduce the demand for ivory products which would hopefully reduce the poaching of elephants for their tusks. The last one I received was from the Humane Society of the United States.

So in honor of Endangered Species Day this Friday, I hope everyone takes the time to do something to help these majestic animals. A couple of ways you can help are by visiting the action page of the Humane Society of the United States or the Wildlife Conservation website where you can take action or watch the 96 Elephants video and help education others.

For Horton (Hears a Who)!


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From first to last

It’s been heartbreaking to watch one of our most beautiful creatures go from common to possibly endangered in my lifetime. You can read about it over at LiveScience in the article “Monarch Butterflies Considered for Endangered Species Status” by Laura Geggel.



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Going native

I would have to say that this article really proves that point. The article is entitled “The Backyard Revolution: How Native Plants Can Save Children and Other Endangered Species” by Richard Louv over at the Children & Nature Network.

Going, going, gone!


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African elephants, come on down!

Okay, so it’s a little corny to use that old Price is Right phrase but since my the original story leads into a video and story on three African Elephants that recently found a new home in San Andreas, California courtesy of the man himself, Bob Barker, then I think it’s okay.

I had already planned to do a post on elephants when I saw an article this afternoon entitled “Zoo Elephants: How Big is Too Big” by David Hunn in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Then while looking for that article online, I came across another article on the St. Louis Zoo and the elephants entitled “St. Louis Zoo Continues to Breed Elephants Despite Protests” by Diane Toroian Keaggy from back in March of this year and that lead me to this article, “3 Elephants from Canada Make Journey to CA Thanks to Game Show Host” over at KCRA television via Yahoo!

Now it’s true that I stated in an earlier post, Nature & the zoo, that my perspective is changing, it’s not changing that much. I still prefer seeing animals out in nature because that’s where they’re home is. In fact, the only reason I wrote the aforementioned post was because of the work those zoos were doing in relation to helping the Hellbender population increase out in the wild.



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The localist and the tiny little fish

Okay, that’s what I came up with when I  combined local and naturalist. I thought for today’s topic I would talk about a tiny cave-dwelling fish found only in Perry County, Missouri. Like the Hellbender, it too is now listed on the endangered species list.

To find out more on this little, little fish, check out the article “Tiny Perry County Fish Added to Endangered List” by Jeffrey Tomich over at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Swimmingly yours!


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And then there was one

I realize that species go extinct everyday and that that is part of how we evolve but yet it’s disheartening to hear when another species goes that way.  I’ve often told friends that when you remove one species out of an ecosystem that you disrupt the balance of that ecosystem.

Well, according to this article over at Science Daily, “Ecosystems Change Long Before Species Are Lost“. As someone who has spent most of his life trying to make a difference in helping other species, it makes sense. Not only is the damage long-term, it takes a long time to get there.

Here’s hoping that maybe one day all of humankind will realize that as well because as the article says “Thus, natural ecosystems are likely to be much more fragile then we previously thought.



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Wolves around the world

It  seem that no matter where you live, the battle between man and wolf exists. As they continue to face an uphill battle for existence here in the United States, the latest story of their struggle can be found half-way around the world in the French Alps. This according Scott Sayare over at the New York Times with this article, “As Wolves Return to French Alps, A Way of Life is Threatened“.

Meanwhile, like many others, I will continue to support them. Just today, I found this awesome Red Wolf t-shirt over at Lands End. You can see a picture of it here.  To learn more about Red or Mexican Gray wolves, check out the Endangered Wolf Center website or visit them out in Eureka, Missouri, just west of St. Louis.

Howling into the Night!


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