Copenhagen, lighting the way

It seems that whenever people talk about what countries are leading the way environmentally, the Scandinavian countries are always near the top and in regards to energy use, Denmark is right there. I was cleaning tonight when I came across this article entitled “Lighting the Way to a Green City” by Diane Cardwell over atContinue reading “Copenhagen, lighting the way”

What I’m thankful for

Every night when I put my kids to bed, I ask them what they’re thankful for. For me each night, it’s them. So here are a few posts on topics they love. First up is Evan. For him I have a couple of articles on volcanoes. The first one is entitled  “Electric Ash Found inContinue reading “What I’m thankful for”

So you can have your (birthday) cake and..

After making my son a birthday cake of a hurricane (Hurricane Evan, named after him of course), I must say it’s been quite depressing the last week or so reading article after article on the oil spill in a region best know for it’s last catastrophe, Hurricane Katrina. To give you a good definition ofContinue reading “So you can have your (birthday) cake and..”

Only because my son mentioned this…

You just never know what they can recycle. While driving down highway 44 the other day, and after mentioning to my son they’re tearing down these two large “gasometers”, he said they should recycyle them instead. I had jut read an article on them the day before entitled  “Two City/County Landmarks Coming Down” at theContinue reading “Only because my son mentioned this…”