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Farms & flowers

Now while I’m not a farmer, even though I have been a gardener from time to time, I’ve had relatives over the years who were farmers. These days my gardens mostly consist of flowers, so this article was right up my alley.

The article tonight is entitled “Why Farmers Are Using Flowers Instead Of Chemicals To Tackle Pests by Fino Menezes over at Bright Vibes. Love the colors!



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Pumpkins galore

I should also add that last weekend consisted of taking the family over to Stuckmeyers Farm to pick out a few pumpkins for Holloween. So after our usual stroll through most of the pumpkin patch, we found our three (actually four, including my mom’s) harvest. The amazing thing was that despite the drought, as this story shows, their were plenty to choose from according to “Pumpkins Pull Through the Drought” by Georgina Gustin at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. There’s still a weekend left, so get out and find your pumpkin.

Scarry, Scarry Night!


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From maps to food

Okay, this post started out  as one on maps but turned into one on food. So how did I get there?

I started out with this article on maps, gearing it towards those who like to find and use local food, the article “Mapping the Government’s Local Food Work as a Way to Keep it Alive” over at the Grist by Tom Laskaway. It actually gives us a couple of website that help leadyou in the right direction to find your local farmer’s market.

I found the one entitled Know Your Food, Know Your Food Compass was good at giving you maps to locate your local markets and local food while Real Time Farms was good at giving the street addresses, websites and hours of the individual markets. Seems to me if you combine the two, that would be ideal.

And I ended up on food because ever since  I edited the contact information for my local farmers market at Local Harvest , I’ve been receiving e-mails (including today) from them periodically.

I also remembered to water my garden tonight.

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Horsing around

With my daughter excited about her latest attempt to draw a horse and rider, I thought I would post a couple of nice articles that have come out lately here regarding relationships between people and horses.

The first one is the story “Man and His Horse: Story of Mutual Caregivers by Susan Weich at my local paper the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. This is about a man who is a stroke survivor and a blind horse. What a great story!

The other one is entitled “Horsepower: Social Services Group Touts Plans to Convert Farm in Hillsboro into a Therapy Center” by Leah Throsen, also at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Wow!

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