For educational purposes only

As my kids sit in class today (actually they’re probably both at lunch right now) and since I was just sitting in a classroom myself last night, what better way to celebrate that than with an educational piece. Now I don’t pretend to understand algorithms (and as a librarian, I probably should) but this looksContinue reading “For educational purposes only”

It’s official, time to get out in the garden!

I know when the school down the street get’s their garden going, it’s time. So in honor of those who garden, here are some great articles on gardening. First up,”Economic Meltdown Reason For A New Victory Garden Movement” by Roger Doiron at Alternet via SustainLane. Taking the next step, we have another good read withContinue reading “It’s official, time to get out in the garden!”

Spring showers, April gardens

I guess I’d better get it together. I can tell my kids are getting anxious as last weekend they wanted to get some seeds at the grocery store. It’s time to get them ordered (as usual, I will get my tomato plants from a local garden shop). So let’s go gardening! First up, “The FutureContinue reading “Spring showers, April gardens”

Wendall Berry and Wes Jackson

As a fan of these two men, I knew I had to post this article “A 50-Year Farm Bill” over at the New York Times. That got me to digging up a few more good articles on gardening, one of my favorite topics.  First up, “Agriculture Needs a Fundamental ReThink in the 21st Century” by Matthew McDermottContinue reading “Wendall Berry and Wes Jackson”