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Spring is just around the corner

It is, I feel it. In fact, I’ve started thinking about what to plant this year in our long awaited garden. Just the other day I found our High Mowing Organic Seed catalog and tonight I found our Missouri Wildflowers Nursery catalog.

Now while I’m going to sit down with the kids this weekend to decide what we’re going to order, I really wish I could just go to the library instead and check out some seeds. This is a great article that I found last year entitled “Libraries Offer Weird Things to Draw New Borrowers” by Greg Toppo at USA Today.



Green Librarian

Citizen Scientist

With fall now here and winter perhaps on it’s way, I’m actually already thinking about spring. Yes, I know I shouldn’t live in the future but what really got me going were my recent thoughts about what to do with a yard that is all down hill.

I’m also thinking about how to finally build a vegetable garden, start some flowers inside so they’ll be ready for next spring and now I’m getting excited for next April’s Amphibian Night with the kids. Anyway, all that has leads me to this article “Be a Citizen Scientist” by Leah Zerbe over at Organic Gardening.

Meanwhile, I would like to give the bird count at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology another try, the kids want to go to the park again this weekend, I need to rake the leaves, etc… Anyway, you get the idea!

Sweet Dreams!


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Back at the homefront

After struggling all summer with an overgrown lawn (and again, now that we’ve just come back from vacation), I found this article today on how to change that and you know, it’s looking really good at the moment.

It’s entitled “Arid Southwest Cities’ Plea: Lose the Lawn” by Ian Lovett at the New York Times. Well, I do have some extra dirt and flower seeds, hmm….



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Second Season

When I saw this article, I knew I still had a chance and so this weekend, I’m going to give it one more chance. Here’s my inspiration, it’s entitled “Second Season Planting Offer a Second Chance at a Vegetable Garden this Year” By Ramon Gonzalez at Treehugger.

Another article that is giving me a nice swift kick is “16 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Garden” by Maria Rodale at Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen.

Finally, when I heard this week’s Earthworms show (with  guest gardener Janisse Gardener) by Jean Ponzi over at 88.1 KDHX, I said that’s it. Now what should I plant?

Happy Gardening!


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Picking out seeds

While my life remains in somewhat disarray, my daughter decided to pick out seeds to plant at home on our last visit to the local hardware store and as I again worked to organize my backpack, I came across another relevant article. This one entitled “The Good Seed: Why Care about a Little Ol’ Seed” by Eric Steinman over at Care2. Good reading.

Happy Planting!


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As the weather turns

As we continue on with our warmer than usual winter with the occasional mix of freezing rain while thoughts of gardening begin to bloom, I thought I would post a couple of articles on the subject of planting zones.

They’re both by Janice Lloyd at USA Today. They are “Planting Zones Shift to the North” and “New Plant Map Embraces Web”.

Let our gardens grow!


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What comes around goes around

Interesting how things sort of do that for me a lot. I requested a couple of books on the topic of Nature Deficit Disorder, which is also the topic of the  book I’m reading now, “The Nature Principle” by Richard Louv.

In turn, the first book I requested “Birds”,  is written by the same author of another book we’ve read “My Garden”, both by Kevin Henkes.

Now before getting off this merry-go-round,  I also requested the book “Bird, Butterfly, Eel” by James Prosek who also happen to write the book “Eels: An Exploration, From New Zealand to the Sargasso, of the World’s Most Amazing and Mysterious Fish”, a book on my list of things to read this summer.

Coming around!

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