Fort McMurray

Who knew that the first time I would hear about Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada would be at a press conference following the St. Louis Blues hockey game. One of the Blues players it turns out, Scottie Upshall, is from there. Unfortunately, it is now a story that is everywhere, including this article over atContinue reading “Fort McMurray”

Winter, spring, winter, spring

So which is it? Well, it looks like it might finally be spring here in the Midwest but wasn’t it just last month where we were in the 60’s? Anyway, apparently it’s not just me as evident by this bear cub. You can see for yourself in this video over at Yahoo News entitled “BearContinue reading “Winter, spring, winter, spring”

The weather it is a-changin

I remember when climate change used to be called global warming. Unfortunately, most of the news these days seem to focus on the evidence . In fact, I came across an article tonight that looked good but unfortunately I don’t have access to it, so I will have to check at work tomorrow and seeContinue reading “The weather it is a-changin”

Disappearing act of our coasts

So while we debate the reasons as to how we are getting there, the evidence as to what is happening continues to mount. One of the most obvious ones is how the coastlines are vanishing as the seas continue to rise. This article by Benjamin Strauss and Robert Kopp, “Rising Seas, Vanishing Coastlines” over atContinue reading “Disappearing act of our coasts”

Hail today, rain tomorrow

Just a few articles on climate change/global warming. This has been a topic of discussion the last couple of weeks. “Climate Change and Atmospheric Circulation Will Make For Uneven Ozone Recovery” at Science Daily and”Climate Change Complicates Ozone Recovery” at the Environmental News Service are just two of them. And here are a couple ofContinue reading “Hail today, rain tomorrow”