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Bike to the future

So while I love everything green, I’ve also have a love for history and so this article sort of combines the two just a bit. Since I’ve also been trying to restore my bike, it includes that too.

The article is about a bicycle highway in England that was actually established back in the 1930’s and is entitled “280 Miles of Hidden British Bike Paths Rediscovered on Google Street View” by Matt Hickman over at Mother Nature Network.



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The lorax

One of the first books I started reading to my kids back when they were very little, The Lorax, is to many, an environmental classic. It turns out that  just this past week there was a story in the Wall Street Journal about a statue of the Lorax (owned by the widow of Theodor Seuss Geisel), that was stolen from her property.

Actually it was stolen last year but it seems that the story finally has a happy ending. It was found less than a mile from their home. The complete article is entitled “At the Hilltop Home of Dr. Seuss, A Mustachioed Statue on the Loose” by Miriam Jordan over at the Wall Street Journal. As the article starts out:


If you look deep enough you can still see, today,

Where the Lorax once stood

Just as long as it could

Before somebody lifted the Lorax away.



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Mighty Mississippi

Being a lover of the mighty Mississippi river and of it’s history as well, I thought the article “Low-water rivers offering up glimpse of history” by Jim Salter over at Yahoo! was great. While it’s a tragedy to what’s happening to the Mississippi, I always love learning something new about the this amazing river.  I think I might just have to take that long awaited walk down to the river sometime soon to check it out.

Flowing away!


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Whale of a story


OkayI have another story about whales but this timit was my son who came across it and bookmarked the story for me. Now he doesn’t know that blog really and I was blown away by the fact that when he saw the story on Yahoo!, he said to me that this is a story you would like dad. You see, he is autistic so one of his specialities is focusing on one topic (NASCAR usually) and it was great to see him do something for me because he thought I would like it. It just melted my heart!

Anyway, the article is “In rare natural event, mother right whale adopts orphaned calf” by Pete Thomas over at GrindTV. With that though, I’m gonna add one final article completely that while has a picture of a whale (see above), touches on another topic that has always been near and dear to my heart, the Nordic history. The article is entitled “A Deep Dive Into Nordic Folkways” by Julie Lasky at the New York Times.



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