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Cat person

So over the years and even though we’ve had multiple cats in our house, I’ve often said to my kids that I’m not a cat person. I guess I now realize that while that’s true for domestic cats, I guess I’ve always had a place in my heart for wild cats.

Reading this article, entitled “Mountain Lions Went Extinct in Missouri in the 1920s. They May be Making a Comeback” by Edward McKinley over at the Kansas City Star, I guess brought that point home. I think of all the wild cats, my favorite cat has always been the leopard.

Maybe this picture below tells the story why. I got it from my grandparents years and years ago. Not the best shot, but certainly a great memory.





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Africa and conservation

I must say that after my grandparents gave me a set of five wooden animals including a leopard, antelope, elephant, giraffe and rhinoceros which were actually carved in Kenya, my love for these animals began.


So seeing this article on conservation in Namibia was refreshing in a small way. The article is entitled “Namibia: Africa’s Conservation Success Story” by Laura Moss over at the Mother Nature Network. Here’s hoping the animals in Namibia outlive my wooden animals and perhaps none the worse for ware than my collection.



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