Undercover in the milkweed

Tonight’s picture comes straight out the garden in the front yard, courtesy of our milkweed plant. Over the years it’s played host to a number of monarch caterpillars. Truth be told, I hadn’t seen a single one this year but honestly I’m not sure I looked a whole lot until this weekend. So imagine myContinue reading “Undercover in the milkweed”

Migration mapping

After last year’s chance meeting of a Monarch butterfly coming out of it’s cocoon on the milkweed plant by our front porch, anything on the Monarchs grabs my attention. This article, entitled “Researchers identify monarch butterfly birthplaces to help conserve species ” over at Phys.org is a great example. I know it’s still Winter butContinue reading “Migration mapping”


Since I saw this short article and video entitled “MISSOURIAN MINUTE: Missouri conservation program builds habitats for monarch butterflies” by Sean McNealy and Patrick McKenna over at the Missourian newspaper, I thought I would post a picture of the milkweed plant my daughter and I planted last year to help out the Monarchs here inContinue reading “Butterflies”