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Elementary my dear Watson

Okay, in the last month or so there have been three new elelments discovered and so in honor of the movie Hunting the Elements over at PBS, I thought I would post these two articles on those very elements.
The first one is over at LiveScience and is entitled “2 New Elements on Periodic Table Get Names” by Clara Moskowitz. It’s about two new man-made elements that are the latest addition to the Periodic Chart. Just to warn you though, it’s avery heavy read.
The other one is actually about a newly discovered mineral called Panguite and the article is “Scientist Find New Primitive Mineral in Meteorite” and is over Science Daily. Now back to Hunting the Elements.
Green Librarian

Rocks and stones and sewers oh my!

After being harassed by a friend of mine yesterday for reading books on rocks (Stones: Their Collection, Identification and Uses by R.V. Dietrich) and sewers (Subterranean Twin Cities by Greg Brick), I felt compelled to start posting again so here we go with a couple of articles on these topics.

 The first article is for the rocks that are passing all around us entitled “Meterorite Rescued Via Cyberspace” by Jonah Newman at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The other article is for those found deep inside the earth, even below the sewers and it’s entitled “Deep in Earth’s Interior, Minerals Behave Unexpectedly” by Deanna Conners at Earth Sky.

 Keep Reaching for the Stars withYour Feet on the Ground!

Green Librarian

P.S. Okay, that sounded a little corny.