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I must admit, despite all of the family vacations we took out west over the years when I was a kid, to the best of my knowledge we never saw a crater. It’s actually only been since we got our family cabin that I think I really began to wonder about space and what is out there.

So I found this article quite interesting about asteroids and the apparent increased frequency of them, according to this article entitled “We are living in an era of high frequency asteroid strikes” by Bryan Nelson over at Mother Nature Network.

Sort of reminds me, in a strange sort of way, how we’re way past the average time between an eruptions at Yellowstone National Park. Kind of scary when you think about it.



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Dark in the night

Reading this article today entitled “The First Dark Sky Reserve in the U.S. is a Stargazer’s Paradise” by Michael E’stries over at the Mother Nature Network just got me more excited about dark skies, that and the Wolf Moon that happened the other night.

You see I just got my first good camera, a Nikon D3400 and so now I’m really looking forward to taking pictures at night of the moon and the stars, not to mention the rest of mother nature. I don’t know how well I’ll do but wish me luck!



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Pretty much every morning and evening, when I going to work and coming home from work, I always look up to see where the moon is in the sky. On the weekends, at night, I always like to look up and see where the moon is and what stars and/or planets are out.

So while I’m always looking out for the moon, outside of knowing that it affects the ocean tides, I must admit I’m more than a little illiterate on how the moon affects life here on earth. Now that I’ve requested this book, Moonstruck by Ernest Naylor, hopefully I’ll become a little more educated.

You can also check out the article “First Rock From the Earth” by John Huth over at the Wall Street Journal. It’s a review of the book but unfortunately, unless you have a subscription, the article isn’t available online.



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As the nights get brighter

I get planet guides from time to time courtesy of the great people over at Earthsky and usually I just sort scanned them over but this month (after seeing the “January 2015 Guide to the Five Visible Planets“) I actually got some great glimpses. I might have even seen Saturn.

First on my metrolink ride and then in the car on the way home. I also saw a few nice shots of the moon and even one or two the stars outside my house.



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Moon phases

Since my youngest son is tracking the moon phases this month, I thought I would post a couple of articles about the earth’s moon. Both articles can be found over at Earthsky, my go to place for information about our day and night time skies.

This first article,entitled “When is the Next Supermoon“? and written by Bruce McClure & Deborah Byrd, discusses the number of supermoons for 2015. These are times when the moon is either new or full and at it’s closets point to earth in it’s orbit. According the authors, there will be six in all.

The second article is entitled “Waxing Gibbous Moon at Perigee on Night of Novermber 2-3“, also by Bruce McClure. Waxing, Waning, New, Full… It’ s all good.



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Night light in the sky

The Harvest moon this last couple of days was simply amazing. I sat there the other night and just stared at it for a while. Then today I saw this article.

The article is entitled “The Moon Comes Around Again” by Natalie Agier over at the New York Times. Sometimes I thing I forget about the moon and the role it plays in our lives.

In fact, one role it plays is with our ocean tides. Just the other day I found this article, “Looking for a Tide Almanac? EarthSky Recommends...” by Bruce McClure at EarthSky. I haven’t had the chance to check them out yet, but I hope to soon.



Under the moon light


Every time I head over to the EarthSky website, there is always plenty to read on moon phases. Well, tonight as I watch the moon waxing (moving towards another supermoon on July 22nd) I’ve finally decided to post one such article on moon phases entitled “Understanding Moon Phases” by Deborah Byrd.

It also includes links to articles on the various moon phases, as well as, the names of all the full moons for each month. I’ve also included my feeble attempt at a picture of a  waxing moon but at least the article is a great moon primer.



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