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Looking up at the moon

I must say that over the last few nights, I’ve found myself not only outside for a bit but, also looking up at the moon while I wait patiently for another full moon. Anyway, when ever I get the chance, I enjoy reading and posting articles on the night sky.

So tonight’s article is one entitled “Losing the Night Sky” by Caroline Crampton over at a website entitled How We Get to Next. I would also be remiss if I don’t mention the book entitled The End of Night by Paul Bogard.

It’s the book that got me started on this journey of the night sky. That and our annual family vacations to our cabin in northern Minnesota, where we are always guaranteed to see a sky full of stars at least a few nights.



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Owl prowl in the front yard

So tonight’s posting is really a story but one in which my daughter and I were involved with. When the kids were younger, I use to take them to what was called an Owl Prowl, courtesy of the Missouri Department of Conservation and it usually happened around this time of year. The link above is for the one in St. Louis next weekend.

Well, last night my daughter and I had just come home from running some errands when we heard an owl across the street. Rather than go inside the house we stood there for a minute and then I made an attempt to repeat the owl’s call. Within a minute, the owl returned my call and back and forth we went for several minutes.

My daughter also made a couple of calls as well and needless to say, we both had a great time. A few minutes later however, it was over. We tried to see if we could spot the owl and thought we might have but we weren’t sure. All in all, it was a pretty cool owl prowl right there in the front yard.



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Dark skies and light pollution

So after doing a little research, like we librarians like to do, I was able to find the book I mentioned yesterday. The book is entitled The End of Night by Paul Bogard and I highly recommend it. I’ve also included it on the green reading page.

FYI, I also found out he has a new book entitled The Ground Beneath Us. I’ll let you know how that is as I just requested it this morning.



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Dark skies

So excuse me if you heard this one. I thought I posted this article before but maybe I haven’t. One of my favorite things about the earth is actually the night sky. I love it when we’re up north on vacation and you can look at the sky.

I’ve often said to my kids that the sky looks so full of stars, like you couldn’t stick another one up there because there’s no room. Anyway, the article is entitled “The World’s 11 Certified Dark Sky Reserves, Where the Stars Run Riot ” by Melissa Bryer over at Treehugger.

When I read this article it actually reminded me of a book I read at the library a few years back but I can’t for the life of me remember the title. Perhaps that’s a re-post for another night. First I need to go back and find the book.



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I love surprises!

Sometimes it’s when or where you least expect to find it. This article for example, entitled “Discovering Nature at Night” by Dan Zarlenga in the latest issue of Missouri Conservationist is my latest surprise.

Anyway, I had this issue stuffed in my backpack on the way to work and was just looking to take a break from my book (yes, the same one on Wales that I mentioned in an earlier post, What is Landscape?).

Anyway, I knew as soon as I found the article, I had to read it, as well as post it. Unfortunately I can’t look at the stars tonight but maybe tomorrow. I’m really excited about the full moon on Christmas. I can’t wait!



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I was down at the library the other day returning the book I just finished, Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown Taylor (an excellent book on the topic of the dark by the way) when I came across a book that just spoke to me, A Wolf Called Romeo by Nick Jans. Like the aforementioned book, this feels like an easy read. I’ll keep you posted.



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Night lights

So I finished The End of Night by Paul Bogard last week and now I’m on to my next book but while I was reading that book, I came across this interesting article in Time magazine.

The article is entitled “Finding God in the Dark” by Elizabeth Dias. Unfortunately this article isn’t available online without a subscription. It is well worth the read.

Sleep tight!


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