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Childhood camping

So when I read this story, it took me back immediately to my childhood and are days of camping, particularly out west. The article is entitled “What You Should Take on a Car Camping Trip” by Katherine Martinko over at Treehugger.

While unfortunately I haven’t done this with my kids, we have a family cabin up north and so I think we’ve gotten some of the same benefits. I also wouldn’t trade those memories for the world. I don’t think my kids would either.



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Up north

This article that has been sitting around here for quite a while now, in part because articles from the Wall Street Journal usually require one to log in,  is in fact now very timely on this late warm evening. It’s about a gentleman who proposes to sit on his dock for an entire day and watch the day go by.

As I read it, I realized it’s very similar to our family cabin up north, where the kids and I are presently planning to go in a couple of weeks. The most familiar of the players in this story are the loons, one of our neighbors on the lake. It doesn’t hurt that this article doesn’t require one to log in either.

The article is entitled “Every Chirp You Make, I’ll Be Watching You: In nature, something’s always happening” by Ned Crabb. I can’t wait to get going. Some things are just meant to be.



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Cabin time


When I came across this article the other day, it reminded me of our family cabin. The one where I went with as a kid and have had the chance to watch my kids experience some of the same memories why at the same time, creating new ones for us all.

One of my favorite memories is of hearing wolves howling late in the night. I heard from my mom recently that my sister and her family  actually heard wolves this year for the first time in many years.

The article is entitled “The Places We Go to Take Stock of Our Lives” by Robbie Shell over at the Wall Street Journal. Here’s hoping that my kids and I get the chance to welcome the wolves back.



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Church in the north woods


I’ve told my kids many times over the years, our family have rarely, if ever, been the church going kind. Like Richard Louv talks about over at teh Children & Nature Network in the article “Radical Amazement: Nature and the Spiritual Life of Children“, I think our church may in fact, be our family cabin up north, where we go for a week each year.

Like his family, we find our amazement in fishing and the sun but in sunset’s rather than sun rises. You can see for yourself.

Sweet dreams!


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