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So it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted. That’s mostly in large part just because of  work and life, not necessarily in that order. That said, the other thing I’ve been able to do is go out on my own and take pictures, all in some of the local parks where I live.

So tonight’s article is about someone else, also from St. Louis, whose doing that though on a much bigger level. The article is entitled “St. Louis man on a mission to visit all 419 national parks will finish at Arch.

While I doubt I’ll ever get the chance to go to all 419 national parks, I’ll at least continue to visit those here in the area and perhaps some in northern Minnesota, where our family cabin is.



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Tonight’s article comes from an author I’ve read many times before and while is only partly about leaves, leaves are something I dearly miss these days. After the last of our four big trees came down recently, They’re like missing a dear friend.

The article is entitled “McClellan: Giving thanks for falling leaves” by Bill McClellan over at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. While I still miss the leaves, there are plenty of things in nature to be thankful for.

One of those actually happened today with my middle child and my mom. They were out at the Wildlife Rescue Center today, getting a gift for one of my nieces when he said to my mom, I remember when dad to use to bring us out around here. That’s a gift that is truly priceless.



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Peace and quiet, this new years eve

I don’t normally post on a Sunday, because by the end of  the day, I’m exhausted. I have my kids most weekends and I usually need this time to recover. With new years falling on a Sunday this year however, they are with their mom this Sunday.

So as I was cleaning house this afternoon, I came across this article entitled “The Noise Within” by Meghan O’Rourke over in the New York Times Style Magazine. Talk about an appropriate article for this time of year.

Happy New Year!


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For as long as I can remember, trails have always been my friend. From the one’s we use to travel along as kids in the neighborhood woods to the park ones I walked last weekend.

This article over at High Country News entitled “A Network of Trails That Spans the Countryreminded me of those trails and those times. I’ve even blazed my own trail, the one that I walk every day at lunch when I go to the public library.



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Buffalo north of the border

So a century later, buffalo are once again roaming in Banff National Park, Canada’s oldest national park. That according to the article entitled “After More Than A Century, Bison Return To Canada’s Oldest National Park” by over at NPR. First Indiana (check out the post Indiana, bison and car and now Alberta, Canada.



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Different shade of green

So I took my own advice today and went out to nearby Russell E. Emmenegger Nature Park to see a different shade of green. Since I didn’t have my kids today, I took the path that they never want to take and I must say, we’re taking it next time. It reminded me of another park we went to a couple of weeks ago, Castlewood State Park.

The first two pictures are from Emmenegger Park:



These two are from Castlewood:



I only wish I would have had my kids today.



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Nature study movement

Since my kids were first born, one of my favorite things to do was to go out and learn about nature.Be it in Amphibian Night, Owl Prowl or Wetland Night. So when I saw this article tonight in an e-mail from the Richard Louv Children & Nature Network, I knew I had to post it.



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