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Penguin’s in New Zealand

I’ve seen plenty of stories about tunnels being used to help animals cross roads but this is the first one I’ve seen for Penguin’s. In fact, I’ll admit, when I think of Penguins, New Zealand is not the first place I think of.

The article is entitled “Town builds New Zealand’s first penguin tunnel:  Tiny blue penguins have their own tunnel to protect them from traffic” by Noel Kirkpatrick over at the Mother Nature Network. Go Penguins!



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Back in the day

Australia, the one continent that sits out in the middle of the ocean by itself. Chalk full of animals and plants that are found only there.  A place that is unique in the fact that in order for a species to either come or go, takes some doing. It also usually involves humans.

That’s what made this article so interesting. The article is entitled “New Zealand’s little penguins are recent Australian invaders ” from the University of Otago. As someone who is fascinated with migration and the path taken, the question of course remains, how did they get to New Zealand? Stay tuned!



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Sheep dogs & penguins

Another one of those times where the two topics appear to have nothing in common. I do however remember this story from sometime ago and so I was pleasantly surprised to read about it again.

The article is over at the New York Times and is entitled “Australia Deploys Sheepdogs to Save a Penguin Colony” by Austin Ramzy. The dogs remind me of our family dogs, Megan and Toledo, both Newfoundland’s. They were just great dogs and very loyal to family.



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