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People or sentient beings, it’s all in your perspective

So when I read this article, I was under the impression it was all about plants and animals when in fact, it’s all about people. The salmon people, bear people, oak people, raven people and others.

To get a better understanding of what I’m talking about, check out the article entitled “Why I obsess About the Names of Plants and Animals” by Pepper Trail over at High Country News. It may give you a whole new perspective on nature and the world we live in.



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Monarch’s on the move

This summer, after I turn the kid’s old sandbox into a planter (by default because I couldn’t dismantle it completely), we went down to our local market and picked out a milkweed plant. Not really thinking, we put it smack dab in the middle and so we then scattered some various flower seeds around that but unfortunately they didn’t survive. It maybe because most of the seeds were quite old.

So just the other day, when my son and I stopped home, we saw we had a visitor. A giant monarch butterfly had come to visit and have a snack. Now while the larger stems were already past their prime, there were several smaller sprouts that were still in bloom.

To make a long short (or to attempt to anyway), here’s an article over at the Environmental News Network that talks about what many feel needs to be done to help them. It’s entitled “Monarch Butterflies Need Endangered Species Act Protection” by Alicia Graef via the Care2 network.

You can also always plant a milkweed and then maybe you too will have a visitor.



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Greener Missouri

First up, we have an article entitled “Blub Boy Comes Full Circle” by Doug Moore at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Jason Delaney sounds a little like the Johnny Apple Seed of daffodils.

The other article is “Missouri’s next state park is gift from man who sold spot remover” by Michael D. Sorkin, also at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. It’s about Don Robinson, a man who left behind quite a legacy gift in 843 acres of land south of St. Louis in Jefferson County to establish another state park in Missouri.



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Good green people

Here are a couple of stories about some good people here in St. Louis striving to make the world a little better. First up, “They’re Wild about Wildlife Rescues” by Marlon A. Walker at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. They’re just “filling a need”.

The other article is about a teacher making a difference on the “Mighty Mississippi”. It’s entitled “Teacher, River Outfitter from Richmond Heights Keeps on Paddling” by Deb Peterson, also at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.



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Roadblock to migration

On a follow up to yesterday’s post, here’s an interesting article on one of the issues facing migration. The article is “Thinking Anew About a Migratory Barrier: Roads” by Jim Robbins at the New York Times.


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Superstars continued

As I’ve been cleaning up my desk at home this spring, here are a couple of more green superstars that I’ve come across.

First up, there is this article entitled “Life List: New Book Details the Life of Webster Groves Phoebe Snetsinger the World’s Greatest Birder” by Don Corrigan at the Webster-Kirkwood Times.

The other is over at the Missouri Conservationist entitled “I am Conservation: Making a Difference at Maramec Springs” by Chris Canipe.

Good Green Stuff!

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No, we’re not talking about the academy awards but people who are stars in the world of green (and blue).

The first aricle, “85 Year-Old Activist Fights for Michigan River” by Dave Dempsey at Ecolocalizer is about the type of superstar this planet needs more of.  

Next, with the summer ahead, we have the article “After Oil Spill Crisis, a Protector Keeps Watch” by Dan Barry at the New York Times. Another true superstar.

Finally, a little closer to my home (near the Mighty Mississippi) we have the article “Region’s Waterways Have  Dedicated Advocate” by Stephen Deere at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (I may have posted this article before, so if I did, I apologize).

Go Green (& Blue)!

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